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  1. There is more evidence of pseudo-science attempting to back up the cat fancy’s dubious methods. . The latest publication from the same author of the 2012 Turkish Cat Genetics Study but now from the University of Missouri classifies world-wide random-bred cats. It clearly shows that Cyprus and Turkish cats belong to the same East Mediterranean Anatolian group thus blowing away her previous suspicious statement that ” The cats of Cyprus are a distinct group within the Mediterranean.” This false pronouncement which runs against the DNA evidence is the basis for a whole new fictitious cat breed the Cyprus Aphrodite Giant . The Aphrodite is in fact the ancient and still existing Turkish Angora. The Aphrodite is now proclaimed the “National Cat of Cyprus” (Greek). The fact that the same cat is also the national cat of Turkey doesn’t seem to bother them. It is a breed based on a lie calculated to win her fans in the cat fancy.

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