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Unusual Cat Breeds – Page 2

Page two – breeds F – U – of a list of unusual cat breeds at 2012.

Foldex Cat
A hybrid cat. A cross between the Scottish Fold and the Exotic Shorthair. The result is a round headed, cobby cat with folded ears and a flat face.

German Rex
Germany’s curly haired cat that was developed from a cat that was found in the grounds of a hospital in the Pankow borough of Berlin in the early 1950s.

A multi-hybrid dwarf cat. Mixing: Munchkin, Bengals, Savannahs, Oriental Shorthairs and domestic shorthaired cats.

Kanaani Cat
An spotted, hybrid cat and an experimental cat breed that appears to have started in Israel and then developed in Germany. Registered with the WCF.

Karelian Bobtail
Also called: Karel Bobtail, Karelian or Karellian. A naturally tailless cat that originates from an area near St. Petersburg, Russia.

Khao Manee
A foreign type cat from Thailand that is white and can have odd-eye color. There is a UK club for this cat breed: Khao Manee Cat Club.

Mekong Bobtail
A short-tailed traditional Siamese cat that is recognised by the World Cat Federation (WCF).


Mokave Jag Cat
Starting in 2000 this cat breed is in development. It is a wildcat hybrid: leopard cat, jungle cat and the Bobcat with the domestic cat with the intention of creating a miniature jaguar.

Nile Valley Egyptian Cat
A natural breed indigenous to the Nile Valley of Egypt (NVE), where the first wildcats where domesticated. 2010: Application made to TICA as experimental breed.

Poodle Cat
Created 1987 in Germany.  A hybrid cat: the Devon Rex, Scottish Fold and European Shorthair cross-bred. A most rare cat breed.

Created in the late 1990s. This is a cat with defective forelimbs produced by a genetic mutation. The limbs are shortened and twisted. The name is an amalgamation of “squirrel” and “kitten”.

Tennessee Rex
Tennessee’s satin coated curly haired cat that arose from a naturally occuring recessive gene mutation, discovered in 2004.

Stone Cougar Cat
A wildcat hybrid: domestic cat and the wild Jungle cat (F. chaus) cross.


Ural Rex
A Russian curly haired cat discovered in the town of Yekaterinburg and developed from there and recognised by the WCF in 2006.

Ussuri Cat
Meant to be a wildcat hybrid: leopard cat x domestic cat but at 2012 I don’t believe this. The cat pictured does not have the appearance of a wildcat hybrid.

Update: February 2014. A new cat breed has been accepted as an experimental breed by TICA. It is the Lykoi:

Lykoi Cat

Update: I’d like to also feature the Toybob. They are a miniature Siamese cat with a bobtail.

Although not unusual cat breeds, for the sake of completeness I am listing teacup cats and stray cats on this page. Teacup cats are popular and stray cats are numerous.

Teacup cats
Selectively breed to a very small size these are normally chinchilla traditional Persian cats but not a formally recognised cat breed.

Stray cats
Not a cat breed but there are many millions and MAR, a Japanese photographer has recorded them in his country.

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Michael Broad

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  • This is Hachi, he used to be a stray cat but now he found his home with us. He's a very active cat and likes to be a part of people's activities. Please can you tell me what breed he is?

    • Hi Mady, thanks for sharing and asking. Hitachi looks like a random bred tabby cat. Therefore he is not part of a cat breed. That is not to say that he is not special. He looks superb and very cute. I know you love him. He looks young. He'll slow down as he ages. Take care.

  • This is Thorn. She is very very vocal. She also happens to be a champion mousier. I know she is very very talkative, her human mom said when she was little she almost never talked.
    We are all curious as to what her breed is as well.

  • This is my cat Time-Out, so named because you need to take a timeout to pet and play with him when ever he wants. My husband I disagree on his breed. He says he is an English short hair. I think he is a Burmese. Can anyone tell me what his breed is.
    I have a second cat that I would like to know about but him first. He reminds me of a black leopard and gets very vocal and talkative he can be very loving sometimes

    • Tamara, thank you for visiting and showing us your cats. I can tell that you are a good cat caretaker because your cats are very talkative to you. This means that you interact with them a lot. It also means that they are relaxed with you and connect with you emotionally.

      They are both beautiful cats. The truth of the matter is, though, that they are probably not members of a cat breed. You would know if they were because you would have certificates to prove it. Sometimes rescue cats are purebred cats as well but it is unusual.

      Judging by appearance (and it is slightly dangerous to judge a cat solely by appearance) I would say that your cats are black, random bred (mixed-breed) cats. By far the most common sort of cats in America or indeed anywhere else in the world are random bred cats. They do not have a recorded pedigree or family history.

      Purebred cats are bred by cat breeders and they have a history. Their parents are purebred and so on going up the line. They are registered with cat associations and recognised as cat breeds. Normally you buy these cats and cat breeders. As mentioned, there is documentation to prove that they are purebred.

      And their appearance does normally show this because the appearance of a purebred cat is quite specific. It has to be to follow the breed standard. The appearance has to be distinguishable from other cats.

      I hope that this helps. Thank you once again.

  • Hi for all and specially for you Michael, I think that the cat which Cynthia shows is Egyptian Mau ... You can review all characteristics of it ... Thnks

    • Hi Ahmed. Thanks for commenting. Yes, this cat might be an Egyptian Mau but more likely to be a random bred tabby cat. Let's remember that in Egypt the Egyptian Mau is a random bred tabby! Think about that for a bit. Only in the USA and some other western countries is this a cat breed.

  • Can you tell me what this cat might be/have in it? The vet isn't sure and thinks there may be savannah in it...he is definitely unlike any other cat I've owned. He jumps incredibly high and has so much energy! He sleeps at night, but he is out "hunting" all day--he never tires. Someone dumped this cat and he ended up in our yard. We're looking for a good home for him where he is the only cat. He's sweet, but dominant. the vet warned us about having him around our other, very shy, tabby.

    • Hi Cynthia. Thanks for showing us your cat. I'll be honest and say I think she is a random bred spotted tabby cat. She may have some purebred genes in her but I personally doubt it. Sorry if that is disappointing. She has a nice wild appearance like the original wild cat ancestor. Lovely looking cat. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Johanna. Thanks for emailing me your photo. I have uploaded it. Your cat is a tabby cat. A random bred tabby. Sorry for that and thanks again.

  • Hi. I was wondering if you could identify the breed or breeds of this little guy. He is a foster kitten and approximately eight weeks old. I have been fostering for three years and have never had a little guy like this. He is beige and gray with a fairly short tail. He is much more round than most kittens and very calm for his age. Any thoughts??

    • Hello Julie. Nice to hear from you. Unfortunately, your photograph was too large to upload to a comment. Just below the comment you'll see a link to instructions as to how to reduce the size of a photograph before uploading it. Please try again and I look forward to seeing your little guy.

      In the meantime, you might like to look at this page:

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