Unusual: Phoenix police seize 45 cats and dogs from no-kill Phoenix animal shelter

It is very unusual – in fact I don’t think that I have read about it before – that the police move into an animal shelter to seize all the cats and dogs inside to protect them from what appears to be neglect at this shelter.

Cats and dogs seized by police and Humane Soc from this animal shelter
Cats and dogs seized by police and Humane Soc. from this animal shelter. Photo: Dani Coble
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We are not told much about this except to say that at around 11:15 AM on 12th December, Phoenix police officers together with representatives of the Arizona Humane Society entered the Phoenix no-kill animal shelter called AZ Dog Adoptions at 2201 S. 19th Avenue, Phoenix. They were conducting a welfare check and decided that many of the cats and dogs were not receiving medical treatment and were not been cared for properly.

AZ Dog Adoptions
AZ Dog Adoptions. Photo: Dani Coble

It appears that all the animals at the shelter were turned over to the Humane Society. In other words they were rescued from an animal rescue facility. This can happen and has happened in the past but I do not recall police invading a no-kill animal rescue shelter in this manner.

The owners and organisers of the shelter have not, as yet, commented on what is going on. The police department are investigating.

Source: USA Today AZ Central.

2 thoughts on “Unusual: Phoenix police seize 45 cats and dogs from no-kill Phoenix animal shelter”

  1. There is often a lot of bad feeling towards No Kill rescues and shelters.

    I hope more is reported about this story. I agree with Anne about the jealousies prevalent between rescue/shelter organisationss

  2. Any number of reasons exist for this invasion. It may be justified or it may be from professional jealousy. The private shelters were outperforming the county shelters. I’ve read of private shelters raided and the raids were to determined to not be justified. Sadly, the animals paid since most were killed.

    This story needs watching.


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