Unusual picture of a domestic cat on an extra long lead in a park

This is the real thing in the rarified world of domestic cats on leashes. It is the longest cat lead I have seen and is a genuine walk with his black cat in what appears to be a park. Someone behind the cat owner is lurking ominously in what seems to be a stream. It almost looks like he is employed to protect the man with the cat leash – pure speculation and probably incorrect.

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Domestic cat on extra long lead in a park
Domestic cat on extra long lead in a park
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This might be an extendable leash. It is very long. One problem with walking your cat with a long leash is that your cat might go into bushes, do a figure of eight there and come out. If that happened it would be a nightmare to untangle the lead from the bushes. This is one of the problems with walking your cat on a leash. They go off piste and rummage around the undergrowth which means the leash becomes entangled in the bushes. Kept on a shorter lead it wouldn’t happen.

That said it would be the least of your worries as to get your cat to walk with you on a leash would be deserving of a peacetime medal! A lot of cats (most?) crumple when placed in a harness with a leash attached. The reason is something to do with the harness pressing against certain sensitive parts of the cat causing her to respond as if she is being carried in the mouth of her mother. Kittens go limp under these circumstances.

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