Unusual picture of feral and stray cats feeding

This unusual photograph of feral and stray cats supplied and posted by Purrfect Hearts Cat Rescue on Facebook caught my eye. Purrfect Hearts is a cat rescue and adoption group in Wilson, NC run entirely by volunteers. They rely solely on donations from the community. You can see the family connections in the cats with their similar coats. They’ve been breeding. Commenters on FB say they need to be sterilized. Purrfect Hearts’ caption is “When will people learn? The owners stopped feeding them because they can’t afford the food so they are being hit by cars. Good Samaritan is feeding”. I presume they mean that the cats had to search for food which exposed them to being hit by vehicles.

Unusual photograph of feral and stray cats feeding
Unusual photograph of feral and stray cats feeding. Photo: Purrfect Hearts Cat Rescue
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The photo was taken by the person whose foot we see in the photo. They would have taken it blind by holding their smartphone above their head as a high as possible. The visualised the image which was good. It is the way to capture good photos. As usual the cats are feeding in dry cat food sprinkled over what appears to be a logged tree trunk.


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