Unwanted Animals Agency

Unwanted Animals Agency

by Michael
(London, UK)

Unwanted Animals Agency is a new name for “animal shelters”. I just made it up. There are many more possibilities but all examples of renaming will be more accurate than the existing one because it appears from all I have read that the vast majority of these organizations, even with the best of intentions and kindest of hearts, cannot be described as a “shelter”.

The word “shelter” brings to mind a place where dogs and cats are shielded from harm and where they are protected from untoward happenings etc.

Yet, the vast majority kill a lot of cats and they call it “euthanasia”, another wrong use of a word! These cats are not ill to the point where killing them humanely would be the decent thing to do; they are healthy cats without a human companion to care for them.

I made the point in another post that in my opinion – and I am not shelter bashing – the way these facilities dispose of dead cats is important. If the cats are simply buried or cremated that will be the best that can be done but if as I suspect the dead cats are used in some commercial process such as pet food or animal dissection in labs, then a conflict of interest exists, which undermines the primary objective of the facility.

I would like someone who knows for sure to tell us where the dead cats and dogs end up.

The killing of cats and dogs manifestly dressed up in acceptable language. It silently promotes the continuation of what must be considered unacceptable behavior by the cat “shelters”. This is similar to the language of veterinarian clinics such as “declawing” and complete misdescription.

I don’t blame anyone except the irresponsible cat owners but cat “shelters” need a shake up and it should start with a renaming.

Other possibilities are:

Animal Placement Facilities

Homeless Animals Facility

I would like to thank Mayport Cats for the idea behind this post.

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Unwanted Animals Agency

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Jun 23, 2011 Well said Michael
by: Ruth

Worse still would be if the cats were sold to labs to be experimented on alive !
I’m not saying I know this happens anywhere but it could for all we know.
Animal life is cheap to scientists and in their quest to become rich and famous they don’t care about the pain and fear of any animal or where the animal came from !
Some Unwanted Animals Agencys (I love that title Michael) could see this as a way to lessen the residents and to make some money at the same time.

So anyone thinking about ‘getting rid’ of their unwanted cat,should think on that !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jun 22, 2011 Cats are used for dissection
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

When I took an anatomy class 20-some years ago we dissected minks. These were left overs from the fur industry. Perhaps that industry has declined, which would be fine, since today man made alternatives exist to using real fur.
Today the animal most used for dissection in schools that can’t afford human cadavers is the cat. When I took anatomy again three years ago we dissected cats. I tried not to let it bother me. These were ill or feral cats, I reasoned. But when you search for anatomy textbooks for purchase online the most commonly found lab manual is the one which includes cat dissection. The sad thing is these aren’t old, sick or feral cats, these were people’s pets– a lot of them, anyway. As Elisa mentioned in her excellent article, people should picture this end for their beloved family member. Not a better life in a different home– but rather spread out cold and dead and reeking of chemical preservatives, on a table with a young student inexpertly cutting them up.

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