Update on ‘Charlie’ the cat shot with arrow: Not out of the woods yet.

On April 29 at 9:13 PM Rescue Dogs Rock NYC reported on their Facebook page that they were assisting a cat who’d been shot with an arrow. The pictures are too unpleasant to publish here. They shocked the rescue staff:

Sometimes in rescue you see things you wish you could “un-see”, things so horrible that you know they will stay with you forever, things that cause a visceral reaction. This is one of those things. These photos make us physically ill.

Charlie with the arrow
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Charlie with the arrow. Photo: believed to be: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. The wound is pixelated to hide it.

Pet Rescue Report say that the cat, Charlie, was shot through the chest. This is incorrect. I have been told that he was shot through both legs:

Happy Friday from sweet Charlie, our kitty that was shot with an arrow thru both front legs – Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Here is the video from their Facebook page:

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He survived but had suffered massive pain for 3-4 days. The wound was maggot infested. Maggots are not necessarily bad because they clean the wound.

Charlie is stable and has had his right leg amputated. It looks like he’ll pull, through. I am reporting this as there was a request by a colleague for an update.

However, there appears to be no news on any investigation into who did it. They certainly haven’t found the person at the date of this post. It is an act of wanton animal cruelty but it is not untypical. How many times have we read about cats shot with arrows or BB guns or .22 rifles? A lot of times. Really. It is a cruel world.

Cats show great fortitude when injured this severely. They often pull through and accept the pain.

PLEASE DONATE & HELP for Charlie’s urgent medical care: ???

www.paypal.me/rescuedogsrocknyc or

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  1. Anne says:

    He was not shot through the chest, but through both front legs. The right one wss shattered hence the amputation.


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