Update on Garner cat dumping case: Terry Ray Beasley arrested for failure to appear

UPDATE: Information has come in that both were arrested on May 10. I’ve added a snapshot of Tamara to this article.

The word going viral via Facebook today is the arrest of a North Carolina man accused of dumping 15+ cats on Thanksgiving weekend. I hope some of you will post additional information in the comment section of this article.

Terry Ray Beasley
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According to a report posted May 22 by Team Garner (the search team that has spent many, many hours searching for the cats), Terry Ray Beasley and Tamara Perez-Lazaro were arrested May 10 for FTA (failure to appear) on 15 counts each of animal abandonment and also 15 counts of animal cruelty. Team Garner reports Terry is still in jail and Tamara is out. The next court date is June 26, 2017.

I did some searching online and came up with the information I’ve posted below in a screenshot taken from the Johnston County website. Please note I didn’t mention Tamara in the title because I haven’t found a record of her arrest on May 10 at the time the article was posted. The county website confirms Beasley remains in jail as of May 22.

Terry Ray Beasley arrested May 10

The May 10 arrest is also a failure to appear charge, which is leaving me a bit confused. Tamara is reportedly out of jail but Terry either has his bond set too high to get out or there’s no bond set at all (which wouldn’t be a surprise considering his past criminal activities). The question is, was the May 10 arrest connected with the cat abandonment case?

Information from Tamara’s arrest is below. I was sent this after the article posted. I’ve also heard Beasley’s bond is set at $18,500.

Tamara Perez-Lazaro arrested May 10


If anyone knows more, please inform us in the comments. Facebook comments go right through but the regular comment section is moderated.


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4 thoughts on “Update on Garner cat dumping case: Terry Ray Beasley arrested for failure to appear”

  1. Interesting article Elisa. Larceny is theft. They were originally charged with animal cruelty. It seems that Beasley has committed another crime but this is very confusing. Do we know when the trial on animal cruelty will take place?

    • I hope someone will comment. From what I’ve heard he’s got multiple bench warrants for multiple crimes in multiple counties. I’ve heard he had a bond set, which is surprising. People like him run. They have no regard for the law or for other peoples property. In cases with multiple counties involves he may have to face charges in one county then be extradicted to the others.


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