Update On Jack The Cat

Update On Jack The Cat

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Photo of Jack courtesy of BluePearl Veterinary Partners

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Photo of Jack courtesy of BluePearl Veterinary Partners

Good morning readers. Here's an update on Jack the Cat on his long road to recovery. From the way things look as I write this, Jack may be the most famous cat in the U.S. during this decade, with a Facebook following of almost 23,000.

Here's the story I wrote about Jack shortly after he was rescued.

Last weekend Karen Pascoe, Jack's owner, was able to spend some time with Jack as he recovered at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Queens. He has done so well since the weekend that plans are being made to move him to their Manhattan office where more staff and facilities are available. Word of Karen's visit with Jack was kept private until she returned to California in an effort not to be swamped by the paparazzi. Neither of them are in any condition to be mobbed by the press.

Since Jack the Cat literally dropped out of the tiles in the Customs office at JFK, he has fought a brave battle on his way back to health. He is now eating some on his own. He is wanting to get up and walk around. And a few days ago he made it clear he did NOT want an ultrasound. Jack getting his spunk back is a great sign he will recover.

Jack received a blood transfusion last week and this helped improve his blood panel numbers. His fatty liver problems are slowly improving as is the muscle deterioration he experienced in the two months he was lost. The major concern now appears to be low blood pressure, which is normal considering what he's been through.

The staff at BluePearl has been reading Jack the cards sent to him from all over the country. I'm not sure what they're doing with the gifts of catnip. Jack, are you doing nip? We hope it's helping if you're allowed the cat herb of choice.

American Airlines will be footing the bill for Jack's care. Doctor's are cautious about saying Jack is completely out of the woods, but he's definitely improving daily.

There's a little confusion as to how Jack the Cat will be transported home once he has recovered enough to fly. Word had it that Pet Airways would be the carrier, but they do not allow pet owner's to fly with their pets. Karen has stressed she will not allow Jack to fly home unaccompanied and I totally agree with her. So transport plans haven't been confirmed.

I really don't expect to see any publicized plans for Jack's return until he actually arrives home. The media would be all over them and Jack doesn't need the added stress.

I do hope Karen will agree to an appearance on one of the morning news shows once Jack is feeling like his old self.

Now for my question of the day for the readers. If you were Karen, would you accept an invitation to appear on national television with Jack and tell his story? Would you write a book about his adventure? I know I would. I want to know how other's feel about cashing in on this.

I don't want anyone to think I'm money hungry. My personal goal is to eventually earn a living as a writer, as this would free up more time to spend with my cats. Karen could benefit the same way. Put away a trust fund for Jack or something of that nature. A couple of million made by appearing on different talk shows or writing a book would set them up for a better life.

Get well soon Jack! You're in the thoughts of THOUSAND'S of us following your Facebook page.


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Update On Jack The Cat

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Nov 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Jack's ordeal has already saved some cats that were captured at JFK. Yes, a book would put pressure on the airline industry for safe pet travel. How about making the airlines make public their statistics on lost/harmed/expired pets that were put in their care? I think something good should come out of Jack and Karen's suffering.

Nov 04, 2011
jack can keep helping make others aware
by: laurie

after jacks appearances on tv he would be set for life with his siblings... then he could care for and help other kitties.. i like that idea.. and the books profits also to homeless kittys.. so they dont meet a fate like mine did..we love jack

Nov 04, 2011
Poster Cat for Change in Pet Transportation
by: Anita Busch

Jack the Cat should be the poster cat for a change in pet transportation. I said this soon after he was lost and was the first to post the dismal numbers of dead, injured and lost pets by the airlines on Jack's page and the American Airlines' page.

Karen should do whatever she can to further that goal. It is the only way to assert change for the better.

May no one ever go through what they did again.

Karen, write a book outlining what you've learned that needs to be done immediately and checked up on immediately.

Lead the charge to change airline policies. You have almost 23,000 followers. Let's do some good. There is incredible power in numbers.

Don't let it all go to waste.

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