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Update on Mollie’s X-rays For Bone Fragments in Paws — 8 Comments

  1. Great news about precious Mollie! I hope we can get to the bottom of her paw pain, though. Sending love and support.

  2. I’m happy, too, that no bone fragments were found.
    But, like everybody else, Mollie is suffering with her paws and it’s declaw related.
    I’m happy that all of this is being exposed here at POC and Facebook.

  3. It is good news that there are no bone fragments, but the news doesn’t stop that poor cat from feeling the pain that she is and it now makes it harder to find out just what is causing it. To think that this suffering has been caused deliberately, and paid for, makes my blood boil. I hope that they can help Mollie. Well dome Michael and POC for making it possible for Tina to get this investigation started.

    • I agree. We don’t really know what is in the mind of a domestic cat who has been declawed. We know that bone fragments can be extremely painful but what about phantom pain and what about soreness generally. There are a number of permutations which can cause discomfort and pain beyond the simple discovery of shards of bone.

  4. Bathos? A letdown? Well, yes, if Tina’s cat is a Drama Queen. A hypochondriac. A malingerer. In fact, the absence of bone fragments could open a door to even more nuanced after-effects of this surgery. Phantom pain, being one. Calluses from abnormal ambulation being another. Something is wrong with the poor girl, and her mutilated paws are the source of her pain.

    • Somewhere on facebook, I can’t find it now, there is a post that says all declawed cats suffer even if the declawing was done ‘properly’ Well as our English vet stated, there is NO way to declaw a cat, therefore every ‘declawed’ cat is sure to be suffering because of undergoing impossible to perform surgery!

  5. It’s good news that Mollie has no bone fragments and it narrows down trying to diagnose the reason she lies around a lot and shakes her paws.
    I hope Tina with Kirsten Doub’s help, soon gets to the bottom of the problem.
    I very much admire Carla Kreb’s involvement in helping declawed cats and their caretakers.
    It’s very heartening that so many people care about each and every cat suffering from that cruel surgery now and are trying to help as many as possible.

    • Thank goodness Mollie has no bone fragments* I think many who followed her story are happy about the outcome. She may shake her paws because they feel different Or have tiny sharp pains due to nerve damage? I know my MaMa Theo shakes her ears when she has developed an ear infection. I have had this checked time & time again. Theo is Nine yrs. of age. and a Beautiful Maine Coon with a very Sweet but distinguished character.

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