Update on Poodle: Raleigh cat released from bite quarantine and has a safe place to stay

This is a quick update on Poodle the cat who was taken into quarantine in Raleigh, North Carolina after she was accused of biting someone. Garrett, Poodle’s owner, believes she has been abused by his roommate for quite some time and the ‘bite story’ is sketchy at best.

Poodle the cat

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An Instagram post dated April 3 tells of her release from Wake County Animal Control, where she has spent the last ten days.

“Back safe and in loving arms. I got her out of quarantine today at around 2:30 pm. She is doing great and starting to feel much better!

She seems to have lost quite a bit of weight and I’m thinking she hasn’t eaten much bc of all the stress. She has received her updated rabies shot and I am taking her to her vet appointment at 5:30 pm tonight where she will get any necessary test and shots taken care of.



She has a safe place to stay in the interim of trying to find a new permanent home for the both of us. Thank you to everyone for all the prayers, support, and concern! I am just so happy to have her back and ready to put all of this behind us! Again, thank you to everyone. You all are the best!!!”

According to the GoFundMe webpage

“At the moment this is a great start. I will say that the total could be subject to change in the next coming weeks/months as I receive more information about attorney fees and any court cost whenever that happens. I will definitely be keeping everyone updated.

Poodle the cat
Poodle is glad to be out of cat jail (Facebook)

I have decided to bump up our original goal of 4K to 6k for anyone who would like to continue to donate. Every single dollar helps out immensely. If you want to donate and get poodle something specific I can do that and personally send you the proof of purchase for whatever it may be. Also, anything that is left over at the end of everything I will donate to a charity. Again, thank you all SO SO SO much!!!”

I’ll be following the story of Garrett and Poodle and will update this article or write a new one, should anything come up.

Everyone is so glad you’re in a safe place!

A previous article on Poodle is posted below:

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  1. Thank goodness Poodle has been reunited with her owner. This valiant man made the proper choice by moving away from his apparently long abusive roommate. 😔😱😠


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