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Update on two North Carolina court cases shows cats just can’t find justice — 24 Comments

  1. This all happens in North Carolina Ms Marleen and wither Y’all have shitty laws or shitty Judges and District Attorney’s but it seems like to me and the one recurring theme is that you can basically get away with most anything criminal in North Carolina Ms Marleen he’ll they ought to hang out the Criminal Welcome sign saying come to North Carolina and get away with anything. Seems like it to me anyways.

      • No , it’s just animal abusers that get the get out of jail free pass here in North Carolina. Animal rigjts here suck.

        • shelters are required by law to keep record of every animal which passes thru their shelter for 3 yrs, request dept of ag pull her record book and demand she be held accountable. if they refuse, being the dept of ag, they are violating the law, dept of ag issues licenses they are accountable by law to protect animals in shelters. force them to do their job.
          there is also the pledges collected , innocent people pledge hard earned money to rescues which is to be used for the cat it is pledged for , vetting, shots, whatever it needs , not for the rescue to run on , the shelter must hustle donations for the shelter expenses, the rescue must hustle money for rescue expenses, i have seen rescues bounce around shelter to shelter and collect 50 / 75 cats a day. they add up quickly and are disposed of. no one can care for that many. if you see this demand the dept of ag hold them accountable, force the good ole boys to serve the public and enforce the law.

  2. And this is why the nightmare for the animals continues. . No justice is ever served! No strict laws enforced.It’s absolutely sickening.
    These piece of crap people should rot behind bars.

    • Agreed but I think there is a very gradual change for the better in the enforcement of animal welfare laws. It looks bleak sometimes but a slight change for the better is coming.

  3. If a rescue is sending to an out of state rescue they have to do their due diligence and check them out. Google their org, and ask for a vet reference, at the very least.

  4. One of the reasons that all rescues need to be investigated and checked on. Many times pets are sent to out of state rescues. How do you truly know they are going to safe rescues? You don’t! And a 501c3 doesn’t make it a better rescue. It just lets you deduct your donation and gives them tax exempt status and fundraising.

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