Update on two North Carolina court cases shows cats just can’t find justice

This is an update on the Barbara Hart animal cruelty case coming out of Salisbury, North Carolina. PoC covered the breaking news in articles posted May 11 and May 17, 2017. A footnote is also included on Terry Ray Beasley, the man who abandoned 17 cats in Garner, North Carolina in late November 2016.

Barbara Hart

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The announcement that Hart had been charged with nine counts of animal cruelty devastated the cat advocacy community. The investigation is reported to stem from five years worth of complaints by the neighbors. The Board of Directors of Eaman Park Pool, which is located adjacent to Hart’s backyard, had also complained.

A total of five dogs allegedly left without fresh food or water were seized and four dead cats were removed from the home, which included three dead and decaying cats found behind a couch and a cat skull located under the bed.

Hart made her first appearance in court in Salisbury (Rowan County) on June 12. As with most animal cruelty cases we see tried in North Carolina, the case was postponed until July 24, 2017. People who want to see justice done take time off of work to attend these trials, only to learn they’ve been rescheduled for a month or two down the road.

It’s a tragedy that cases are put off and put off until nothing happens to the abuser. This was the case with Terry Ray Beasley, who was tried in court last week in the case of the cats dumped in Garner, NC. He was in jail between May 5 and June 6, went to court June 6 and got off with ‘time served.’ In other words, he got away with his crime. From what I’ve learned, Beasley was transferred to another jail to face charges for another or his crimes.

Sadly Barbara Hart will likely escape appropriate punishment as easily as the infamous Julianne Westberry who was given probation after dozens of dead cats were found in her Belton, South Carolina home.

Elaine White is still searching for the cat Hart took from the Rowan County shelter. That article is here.


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