Uproar and comments fly as live cats are put inside claw machine game

A claw machine game is where a player tries to pick up an object (a non-living object) with a grab claw operated from outside a perspex cubicle. Some bright spark had the idiotic and cruel idea of placing three cats inside the claw machine game. Players used the claw to try and grab the cats. As if this could work and in any way be decent and humane.

Guess where it happened? China. It is appears to be in a pet shop. Social media users are rightly outraged and commenting feverishly. Most commentators found it cruel but there is always someone who finds it amusing and interesting.

“I want to try! Tell me where is this and I will bring some toys…”

The video first came to light on qq.com on April 9. Then it became viral on social media.

Clearly this is cat abuse. In the UK it would be seen as cat abuse and in violation of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The same would apply to any animal welfare laws in Northern European countries and America.

It is relating to domestic cats as if they were inanimate objects. It is as simple as that. From that starting point cat abuse emanates. This would not have got off the ground in America and the UK, or I hope not. It has happened because there are no animal welfare and protection laws in China which is shocking although there were two attempts to introduce legislation in 2009.

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