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Upstate SC veterinarian charged with ill treatment of animals after Facebook video goes viral — 6 Comments

  1. As an animal lover, rescuer, trainer and advocate I know that physical abuse does nothing to stop a dog, especially a puppy, from their negative behavior. What does work is positive reinforcement, praise, treats, repetition- abuse only scares and scars the dog.
    I have never believed in striking animals but if I know this through my years of owning and rescuing these sweet furries, how does an educated veterinarian not know this?
    He was angry and took it out on that poor puppy.
    This is one of the times I thank God for technology and that whoever filmed this abuse was in the right place at the right time although it seems they knew this was going to happen, why else would they have stated filming? That means it has happened enough the staff was ready with their cameras to catch and expose this fake.
    Then for him to show absolutely no remorse and try to excuse and downplay his actions? You could hear how hard those “3 or 4” fingers hit that puppy.
    I hope everyone shares this so the remaining pet parents can remove their babies from that office.

    It is NEVER okay to hit an animal as part of their “training”. I just wish the penalty was stiffer, especially for vets, groomers, boarders and anyone else entrusted with the care of our furry loved ones.

    • Thanks Karen for your excellent comment with which I wholeheartedly agree. I’d like to find out who filmed him.

  2. Hope he is forced to retire by the lack of business if they do not take his license away, he is arrogant and has no remorse and did not even apologize, just defended his disgusting behavior. I wonder how many other should-have-retired criminal, arrogant, abusive vets are still out there, just in it for the money. Of course it does not rule out that a younger vet could also be cruel. Specifically the vet who shot Tiger with an arrow and bragged about it on Facebook. If she did that to my cat I do not know if I would have had the patience for justice to be served but luckily in this case it was. Other cats or dogs may never see justice served. It is very crucial to know who you are trusting the care of your pet to.

    • Veterinarians should have a better status but they undermine their status by these sorts of events and declawing.

  3. The vet has no clue about animal training, how learning happens or how psychological trauma is caused. He has lost the compassion that we are all born with

    He seems to have history of abusive behaviour towards animals.

    He does know about putting on a performance to garner pity, doesn’t look like it is working on the reviewers !

    He should lose his licence. There will be other animals has harmed.

  4. Stories about veterinarians going wrong are always interesting and disturbing. They always create a lot of anger amongst cat and dog owners for the obvious reason that veterinarians must set the standard for animal welfare. They must have high standards of animal welfare at their clinic. They are looked up to as people who set the standard and who can guide the community in respect of animal welfare issues. When they fail in that respect they are vilified. It happens occasionally and he’s not the first vet that to fail in this way.

    I don’t think he has the right mindset any more to be a decent veterinarian. Perhaps he has been doing too long or perhaps he never had the correct attitude. To the best of my knowledge, student veterinarians are never assessed with respect to their attitude towards animals when they enroll on a university course. And yet the attitude of the person is vital as to how well they carry out their duties over decades as a veterinarian.

    I suspect that this veterinarian will be dismissed from his employment at this hospital because on Facebook the hospital has a 1.3 out of 5 rating. This is because a lot of people have gone to their Facebook page and given a one star rating to the hospital and criticized the veterinarian. One employee who worked with this man for 20 years says that he has a Jekyll and Hyde character. She implies that it was only a matter of time before he was found out.

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