Upstate SC woman found ‘chained like a dog’ and one body recovered; suspect abused animals as a child

UPDATE NOVEMBER 5 8PM The body found on the property has now been identified as Charlie David Harper. He also confessed to the Superbike murders from 13 years ago this week as well as showing police where two more bodies are buried. So we’re up to 7 murders now.

A lot of screenshots are surfacing, so I’ve started a Google Docs file of them here.

Here’s an example:

Something rolled up
Something rolled up
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Upstate disappearance of Anderson couple: Kidnapping, murder charges likely and possibly a serial killer

This is a very in-depth article concerning the kidnapping case on the disappearance of Anderson, South Carolina couple Charlie “David” Carver, age 32 and Kala Brown, 30. David and Kala were reported missing on August 31, 2016. The circumstances around their disappearance were suspicious and activity posted on David’s Facebook page has indicated the possibility of foul play. Their respective families knew the couple was in trouble when Kala’s dog was found in her home without food or water-something Kala would never allow, a Facebook page set up to help find the couple stated.

Kala and David (Facebook)
Kala and David (Facebook)

WYFF4 News reported Kala Brown was found alive in a 30 feet long, 15 wide and 10 to 12 feet high storage container on a large property located off of Wofford Road in Woodruff, South Carolina. Investigators found Kala chained at the neck like a dog after investigators heard banging coming from the container. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright also released information Kala was chained at the ankles and an area was found on the property with a bed and chains where she was most likely being taken at times.

Anderson Police Chief Jim Stewart reported that the joint investigation with the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office began after phone records were searched and it was learned her phone “pinged” from the property.

According to Spartanburg County tax records, Todd Kohlhepp, 45, a real estate agent with Kohlhepp and Associates in Spartanburg, is listed as the owner of the property. News media is reporting Kohlhepp would visit daily, as his legal residence is in Moore. He’s a registered sex offender with a very disturbing background, which is explained later in this article. Kala and David were acquainted with Kohlhepp since Kala cleaned houses for him, and it’s likely they were lured to the property.

Todd Kohlhepp: Don't let that sweet face fool you!
Todd Kohlhepp: Don’t let that sweet face fool you!

No word has officially come in as to the whereabouts of David Carver, but his car was found and a body was discovered in a shallow grave Friday morning. Kala told police she saw Kohlhepp shoot David, but it may be several days before the body can be identified. Right now it’s uncertain whether the remains are male or female, or how long ago the person was buried. Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger said he’d use the faster possible method to determine identity once the remains are taken to the morgue.

Sheriff Wright said when Kala was found she stated there may be others buried on the property. Wright said

“She said that there are four people buried on this property. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but we will stay here as long as it takes to make sure that what she said is true or not true. We’re trying to make sure we don’t have a serial killer on our hands. (It) very possibly could be what we have.”

A prediction of things to come

In 1980, Todd Kohlhepp was evaluated by the Georgia Mental Health Institute because of his hostile and aggressive behavior. A file was obtained by Fox Carolina News, where the judge commented

“He is extremely self-centered with high levels of anti-social personality functioning, and likely continuing aggressive behaviors toward others in the future.Twenty-five months of the most intensive and expensive professional intervention, short of God’s, will provide no protection for the public and no rehabilitation of this juvenile by any services or facilities presently available to the Juvenile Court.”

Disturbing emotional issues have plagued Kohlhepp since he was 15 months old, his mother said. the report went on to say

“There is also mention made of Todd destroying his bedroom with a hammer; destroying other children’s projects; hitting other children; cloroxing a goldfish; shooting a dog with a BB gun; being dismissed from the Boy Scouts because he was too disruptive; shredding his own clothes. “At less than the age of 9, this juvenile was impulsive, explosive, and preoccupied with sexual content.  He has not changed.  He has been unabatedly aggressive to others and destructive of property since nursery school.  He destroys his own clothing, personal possessions and pets apparently on whim.”

Spartanburg County School District 3 evaluated Kohlhepp in 1982 when he was a student there. The evaluation disclosed Kohlhepp talked out in class, had temper outbursts and destroyed material. He was said to be gifted, but had pronounced emotional difficulties, perhaps stemming from the poor relationships he had with his mother, father and stepfather. His own father stated

“The only emotion Todd has is anger.”

Things got worse from there

According to a sentencing report from Tempe, Arizona, Kohlhepp sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl on November 25, 1986 by luring her out of the house while she was babysitting her younger siblings. He told her that her ex-boyfriend wanted to talk to her. After pointing a small blue steel handgun at her head, Kohlhepp told her to walk down the alley to his house. When they arrived, he took her into his bedroom, where he duct taped her mouth, tied her hands together with rope, removed her clothes then his own and raped her.

After the rape, he told the victim he would kill her and her family if she contacted the police. The girl reported the rape and Kohlhepp was arrested without incident. At the time of the arrest, he was pointing a .22 caliber rifle at the ceiling. He admitted to everything the victim said occurred.

Kohlhepp was tried as an adult at the judges discretion and served from 1987 until 2001 on the kidnapping charge.

Apparently, Kohlhepp was very intelligent

Kohlhepp studied at Central Arizona College while serving his sentence. He studied computer science in 2001. He also graduated from the University of South Carolina Upstate after completing his studies in Business administration and marketing. While in school, Kohlhepp was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society as well as the Sigma Alpha Lambda Leadership and Honor Society. An Everipedia page has been set up with more information, along with links to verify the information.

An online website for the real estate firm shows Kohlhepp as

“Residential and Commercial Broker Realtor® …. NC/SC Regional Rookie of the Year my first year in business …. 2007 recipient of Presidential Award for over 5 million in sales …. Member Of Both Spartanburg & Greenville Board Of Realtors …. B.S. degree in Business Administration/Marketing from University of South Carolina …. Licensed Pilot …. Member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society …. Member of Sigma Alpha Lambda Leadership and Honor Society …. Member of Spartanburg Young Professionals Group …. B.S. degree in Computer Science from Central Arizona College …. Former Graphic Designer.”

Disturbing Facebook posts drawing thousands of comments

At the time of this article, Kohlhepp still has a Facebook page. Perhaps these are the most disturbing of all, with this post in particular

May 11, 2016 Facebook post
May 11, 2016 Facebook post

Does notorious serial killer Theodore “Ted” Bundy come to mind here? Has this man ever lured a woman to his home with cat food and cat tales? There are still several missing women in the Upstate, an issue Sheriff Wright vows is being fully investigated since the case broke on Thursday.

Post made 2 weeks after couple went missing
Post made 2 weeks after couple went missing
These dogs don't appear happy
These dogs don’t appear happy

The link between serial killers and harming or killing animals

In March, 2010, I wrote my first article titled Kids Killing Cats , which linked serial killers to animal abuse. That article was republished in May 2012 and remains one of the most important I’ve ever researched. Some famous serial killers who began by abusing animals are

  • David Berkowitz – The Son of Sam. …
  • Brenda Ann Spencer. …
  • Jeffrey Dahmer. …
  • Albert Desalvo. …
  • Ted Bundy. …
  • Edmund Kemper. …
  • Andrew Cunanan. …
  • Lee Boyd Malvo

Up to 90% of serial killers admit to first abusing animals before turning their violent tendencies toward humans. lists the following as predictors (copied from website)

  1. Average serial killer is a white male from a lower-to-middle upbringing. Over 90% of serial killers are men.
  2. Most serial killers are between 20-40.
  3. Most mast murderers are single or divorced.
  4. As children, soon-to-be serial killers often torture animals; 99% have admitted to acting out violent fantasies on animals before doing so to humans. Since families were dysfunctional, no one noticed the odd behavior. Jeffrey Dahmer’s father was unmoved by the fact this his young son’s hobby was dissecting animals.
  5. More than 60% of serial killers went bed beyond age of 12; this is demeaning to a child as they will most likely be ridiculed therefore, taking out frustration on animals or by using fire.
  6. According to the A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers , many serial killers are obsessed with starting fires. Ottis Toole, George Adorno, and Carl Panzram are just a few of the many serial killers with a childhood history of arson.
  7. Many mass murderers and serial killers have a high IQ. For example, the Unabomber is a genius.
  8. A lot of come from dysfunctional families with no fathers.  Marc Lepine (mass murderer of 14 people) is one of the examples of fatherless serial killers.
  9. Many serial killers suffered through childhood abuse.   “The Boston Strangler” Albert DeSalvo was even sold off as a slave by his alcoholic father. 46% never finish high school as abuse leads to: social isolation, learning difficulties, self-control issues and seizures.
  10. Serial killers often have a history of attempted suicide. Charles Edmund Cullen, the most prolific serial killer in the history of New Jersey, has 20 attempted suicides in his life.
  11. Mass murderers are often loners who have very few social connections; most don’t have meaningful relationships during childhood so lack capability to form them later on. Their anti-social tendencies act up, they show aggression, stealing, usage of dangerous weapons, and disregard for other’s rights.
  12. Obsessive masturbation– to cure their needs as they hardly ever experienced sex.

Todd Kohlhepp definitely fits the profile!

IS Todd Kohlhepp a serial killer?

IS Todd Kohlhepp a serial killer? If so, then just how long has he been killing? Will more bodies be found on the property in Woodruff? These are all questions the public wants answers to but may be a long time coming. Kohlhepp appeared in court Friday, where the judge denied him bond. His first General Sessions Court date is set for January 19, 2017. The Spartanburg County solicitor described Kohlhepp as a “very, very dangerous individual.” So many weapons were recovered from the property, it’s now being called a “compound.” Just what was Kohlhepp planning?

Kohlhepp has two dogs at home (if the photo is correct). I only hope someone will take the time to get them to a safe place. No information is available at this time as to whether they were abused by Kohlhepp.

Women (and men), please watch who you befriend. The post about the cat food is very disturbing. How many women out there would follow a handsome man home if he told the woman he has a cat?

The family of Kala Brown say Kala is extremely emotional but is doing better. Murder charges are most likely coming against Kohlhepp in the near future to go along with the kidnapping charges. South Carolina now screens realtors for sex offenders. Since Kohlhepp’s realtor’s license doesn’t expire until 2017 he wasn’t checked when the law was created a few years ago.

Your comments on any of this are welcome.


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    • Great article Elisa. Fascinating and macabre at the same time. It confirms yet again the link between animal abuse and human abuse including murder.

      The story sheds a light on the darker side of humanity. Sometimes I think the human race is f***k*d up.


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