URGENT – please share this: Jackson, Tennessee woman asks for people to adopt her rescue cats

Her words are desperate but tinged with kindness and despair because Lori Parsons has to find people to adopt her 33 rescue cats as a matter of urgency otherwise they’ll be taken to ‘the rabies control and get them put down’.

Lori, a cat rescuer
Lori, a cat rescuer
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So please contact Lori Jackson, who has bravely announced her telephone number on WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News. It is 731-313-0033.

Lori says that her 33 rescue cats started off as one when a stray cat turned up at her home looking for food.

“It was hungry. It was a baby. It was a living, breathing animal that had come to me for help, and I had to help. It was just one kitten. Then in two and a half years, there’s 33 cats out here.”

The trouble was that Lori rents her home and now the landlord has decided to stop renting it out. Lori has to go and so do her cats, hopefully to nice new homes.

“Come out and get my cats. Please, come get my cats. They’re good cats. They’ll love you forever.”

All of the cats are spayed, neutered and vaccinated.

Lori agrees that the biggest issue to come out of this story is as explained by Lori:

“It doesn’t help when your cat has kittens, then you go dump them off in somebody’s yard. You don’t know where you’re dumping that cat. If you don’t want to repopulate your cat, then get it spayed or neutered.”

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