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Urgent! Texas church just sealed 4 TNR cats in their basement in attempt to kill them with poison — 6 Comments

  1. I think the precedent here, if that’s the proper term, would be that if you leave your animal in your car on a hot day for example, you are protected by law to break in and rescue it. What’s the difference here except the INTENT of the owner is actually to kill the animal(s)? That would make it more imperative and legally protected… wouldn’t it? It doesn’t matter WHO the owner is.

  2. I will add that despite the fact that I am a law abiding citizen, I think this is a life or death animal cruelty situation DEMANDING appropriate life-saving action, meaning to break every single window or door down in that building if necessary to collect or allow those poor animals to escape, and let the law address the damages later. The idiots who have trapped them there to die have NO MORAL GROUND TO STAND ON. But I ask you Michael, being you are the legal scholar here, what are the legal aspects?

    • Well the legal aspects on what I read is that the church committee should be arrested on animal cruelty charges. But there is more chance of me flying to the moon than that happening.

  3. I keep saying religion has been more of a problem than anything in society, and here is yet another example that “it” or those who embrace it don’t know ANYTHING about life and how to live it. The NERVE and IDIOCY that they think this is the right thing to do!

    • Yes, ‘Christians’ are no better and often worse than atheists. In fact you could argue that being a Christian and believing in that fiction automatically makes them worse people.

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