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Urgent! Texas church just sealed 4 TNR cats in their basement in attempt to kill them with poison

Dated 13 Aug at 07:44. Have these cats been released yet? Is there an update?

“Dallas, Texas: This church just sealed 4 feral cats underneath their building to either starve of die from naphthaline pesticide poison they put under there! These cats are all fixed and are a registered colony for 7 years. Rescuers have been trying to trap and relocate the cats but were unsuccessful and now it might be too late as these cats slowly perish under what it supposed to be God’s house. Please call the church and ask them to unseal the holes immediately. 214-826-8686”

The church is Agape Memorial United Methodist Church. At the time of posting this I don’t have confirmation about the truth of this FB call to action so I have to say it is an allegation. But I always start with the premise that these posts are true (and see update below – this is a genuine emergency and a disturbing cat news story).

Agape Memorial United Methodist Church

The Facebook post:


Update on church cats

Here is a video from last Monday the 12th and nothing since! Nada.

Comments on FB to the original post:

Summer Lindsey wrote: I have notified Dallas police and the Texas aspca

Great! What a great woman.

Dawn wrote: so anyway… do you even know if they are safe and out of there yet?!?!!! Has anyone even bothered to at least call the local law,news, animal welfare groups, shelters…any place with a person that cares enough to put together group of locals to go and get the cats before they are dead!!! PICKET UNTIL THE NEWS AND COPS SHOW UP, THIS SHIT IS NOT LEGAL!!! NO YOU CAN NOT TRAP, POISON AND KILL A LIFE BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE IT. I SAY KICK IN THE BLOCKED OFF WINDOWS SO THEY CAN GET OUT … then go swiftly and enjoy the day. = meow =

A firey response. Love it.

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