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Urgently treating a cat poisoned by antifreeze — 3 Comments

  1. Very good information to have.

    I’ve never had the opportunity to intercept the affects of any sort of poisoning with my many ferals; and, many have been poisoned (confirmed).

    I don’t know how anyone could, actually, intervene unless a cat consumed the poison right in front of them.

    My experience has been that poisoned cats will disappear for a period of time (or forever) and, when they emerge, they are near death. For those who have never seen a poisoned cat, it’s agonizing for them and more disturbing than anything I have ever seen.

    Every single cat in my world that has been poisoned was never able to be saved and I had to take in to be euthanized.

    Sometimes, humans can be careless with harmful products; but, to deliberately poison any animal is sick.

  2. Home emergency kits are always a good idea. If you can buy a small syringe at your farm store ask your veterinarian for one. That and a cat piller.
    The ASPCA has a poison hotline in the US. Not only can they give you instructions for emergency care on the way to the vet they will contact the veterinarian so they have good information and a chance to be ready when you arrive. Plus the hotline collects the data from cases to improve their responses.

    As per the vodka. I can’t remember how the horse was dosed. Just that science seemed valid and the horse lived. The trouble would be someone thinking they can do it at home and avoid the cost of the veterinarian.

    • Well said ME for finishing the article off. We should all have feline first aid kit. I have a page on that. How one gives a ton of vodka to a cat or a horse is beyond me. I think it has to be done intravenously by a vet.

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