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US company wants to fund the neutering of domestic cats — 13 Comments

  1. Ofcourse, this is meant to be a diversion to their massive bird kills.
    I hate what they are doing to soaring beauties; but, I have to rejoice in the victory for cats.
    With a continued outcry for birds, I can only hope that they will keep their commitment to cats.
    A commitment is a commitment and should, ethically, not ever be taken back.

  2. Great technology, but gruesome in the deaths it causes. Is it cost-ineffective to enclose each tower – or the entire facility – in screen?

    • Sylvia Ann, I am sure something could have been done in construction to minimize the hazard to birds. I guess they either failed to think about birds or didn’t want to spend the money.

    • I bet no one, none of the experts, gave a thought to the birds or any other wildlife when they planned the plant. It makes me think, really, whether humans can do anything to stop killing wildlife one way or the other. Even these so called green energy solutions end up killing animals.

  3. Well that’s good news for cats but I can’t see the cat hating bird lovers being very impressed.
    The plant causing the death of 28,000 birds and the 365-988 million killed crashing into buildings each year is horrific!
    How dare cat haters pick on cats for killing birds when the number they kill is miniscule, almost non existent in fact, in comparison

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