US federal court declares that declawing wild cats violates the Endangered Species Act (ESA)

Stark owns a roadside zoo and has the cats declawed
Stark owns a roadside zoo and has the cats declawed
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PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has won a court battle in obtaining a court order against the declawing of wild cat species. In fact the judge ordered an interim injunction against the roadside zoo, Wildlife in Need ( Also the judge declared that unnecessary declawing (non-therapeutic) violates the Endangered Species Act.

The case revolves around an unethical veterinarian, Rick L Pelphrey who admitted to declawing lions, tigers and hybrids including cubs for a roadside zoo at Charlestown called Wildlife in Need. These cats were genuinely in need of compassion and to be rid of this brutalising monster of a veterinarian. He did the work for Tim Stark, the unpleasant person who owns Wildlife in Need. He is exploiting the wild cats. He disgusts me.

Pelphrey literally brutalised the animals. He did not administer pain killers and left them bleeding and in agony. This horrendously unethical and immoral man will no longer delaw endangered big cats and exotic cats or provide them with veterinary care. Well it was not veterinary care, in fact. It was an assault on the animals. Literally animal abuse and a crime.

Pelphrey declawed about a dozen cats over three years. The AVMA had condemned the practice 8 years ago.

Two of the cubs had severe complications and both subsequently died. The case is ongoing. Tim Stark’s bloody zoo should be shut down asap. He’s is not fit to be around animals of any kind.

Source: PETA

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1 thought on “US federal court declares that declawing wild cats violates the Endangered Species Act (ESA)”

  1. Michael, I am shocked and horrified.

    I believed that the barbaric multiple amputation of the essential toes of large/wild cats was banned a long while ago under Federal law.

    Palfrey and Stark need to experience for themselves the agony and perpetual hell that IS the lie of a name that is declaw.

    When PETA pursue this, they are ethically correct and I support them. When they steal and/kill domestic companion animals, they are at the same level as Stark and Palfrey.

    Thank you for educating me about my incorrect belief.

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