‘Us in another universe’ cat video captures the imagination of people seeking friendship, love and peace

This TikTok video has captured the imagination of people. It’s been seen millions of times and there are tens of thousands of comments and 9.6 million likes. It makes some people cry. Why? Because they want peace, love and friendship and looking at the world today, they don’t see it. They see too much hostility.

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People are becoming too isolated. The future doesn’t look great especially with things like climate change and we have the two wars, one in the Middle East and one in Europe. China wants to expand their territory and North Korea looks very dangerous. It is an age of tyrants and dictators. They’ve destabilised the world.

And here we have two cats, probably stray cats, walking along a deserted road together near Walmart. They are close friends. They have a good relationship; a strong, loving relationship. The kind of relationship that every human wants. A relationship which emanates warmth and love.

And in an alternative universe that’s how humans would relate to each other. There will be more love, peace and friendship. There would be less animosity. They would be less tribal behaviour and more equality.

Outsiders would be embraced and brought into the mainstream. People with different views would be accepted. There would be no cancel culture. If someone doesn’t like you and they say things you don’t like, you would accept it and argue your case. That’s what would happen in a better universe.

It seems to me that the good days are over and they weren’t that good anyway. I’m being too negative. Typical old man. Got to be more optimistic. Difficult to be optimistic when you look out at planet Earth and see it becoming destabilised. Humankind behaving like a disease to the planet’s wildlife, killing it off, abusing it, using it.

The problem is that we have too many tyrants as mentioned. Putin wants to expand territory. President Xi Jinping of China wants to expand territory by taking Taiwan which he believes is China. Benjamin Netanyahu, the president of Israel, is, according to many Israelis living in Israel, behaving like a dictator. Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, is constantly expanding his weapons arsenal and wants his country to be a nuclear power. I have a bad feeling that he will use the missiles. Putin has consistently threatened to use nuclear weapons as has his cronies.

It looks bleak to many. The video provides a glimpse into another, better, more loving universe.

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Us in another universe. More love and less hostility. Screenshot.

The video comes from the tsormie.kay.watts TikTok channel. Thanks Stormie. Appreciated.

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