US officials investigate the killing of Cecil the lion by Walter Palmer

This is excellent news for millions of people who are horrified by the killing of Cecil by the now notorious sport hunter and dentist Walter Palmer. The US authorities have launched an investigation into the killing. We should not hold our breath though.

Protestors occupy the forecourt of Palmer's dentistry business.
Protestors occupy the forecourt of Palmer’s dentistry business.
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At present they have been unable to find Palmer. US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) said it was “deeply concerned”. They say the death is tragic.

In a statement today, the FWS said:

“We are currently gathering facts about the issue and will assist Zimbabwe officials in whatever manner requested…At this point in time, however, multiple efforts to contact Dr Walter Palmer have been unsuccessful. It is up to all of us – not just the people of Africa – to ensure that healthy, wild populations of animals continue to roam the savannahs for generations to come”.

It is believed that Palmer has returned to the USA after he killed, with others (the lion was finished off by someone other than Palmer), Cecil on 1st July.

Palmer has stated in a letter to his clients that he would assist the Zimbabwe and US authorities in their inquiries. Funny then that he can’t be found by the US authorities despite multiple attempts to find and contact him.

He has apologised to his clients for the disruption that the closure of his cosmetic dental practice has caused. It would appear that the US wants Palmer to be charged and tried in Zimbabwe and they’ll help in that process. There was talk about whether Palmer has committed a crime in the USA. At present I haven’t heard further on that. It would help if he had as it would speed things up.

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6 thoughts on “US officials investigate the killing of Cecil the lion by Walter Palmer”

    • Absolutely yes. We’ll have to see if it happens. There are barriers to it unfortunately. There are always barriers to justice for animals.

  1. Michael, Palmer needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent in my opinion. Cecil was an icon for this country, much like the Bald Eagle is for the US. Killing of ANY National Icon of any country is a MAJOR offense — and needs to be punished to the max!!!!!!

    • The protestors (who I love) are almost camping out on the forecourt of his business premises. Love it. Good on them.

      • What I really love is seeing the very young kids placing stuffed animals and flowers on the display. It’s a shame that a child knows that killing animals for sport is wrong and a supposedly educated adult does not.


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