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USA: Captive Wild Cat Crisis — 17 Comments

  1. This is very sad and worrying. As for that private zoo owner saying tigers being in cages wouldn’t bother them if they’d known nothing else, what a load of rubbish!
    Big cats are wild at heart and shouldn’t be in captivity, ever!
    It’s like saying kittens declawed young don’t miss their claws. What is wrong with some people that they are so ignorant and cruel enough to think that any cat living unnaturally is acceptable!

  2. Supply and demand. Wherever there is some greedy, selfish person with ready money there is some equally selfish, greedy person ready to come up with the goods.

    I feel that the American Government who are ignoring a huge problem are to blame and I feel desperately sorry for the forgotten cats that are born into captivity to quench the thirst of human curiosity until they become tired of their latest toy.

    Quite frankly I find it utterly sickening and wrong.

    • Agreed. The government should focus on this more. The wild cat pets of America are damaging to wild cat species generally because their treatment (as “pets”) debases these cats. They should never be “pets”. They are magnificent wild creatures.

  3. As Dee pointed out, it’s “a lose-lose all around.” I don’t even want to begin thinking about the effects psychologically and physically on the captive big cat’s well-being, especially the privately-owned, exotic big cat. Each and every one of them should be subjected to rigorous psychological evaluation, and as Michael said, we need radical new legislation to ban this ego-driven, grandiose-thought-driven activity of purchasing and possessing exotic species by private owners. Again, I believe that those individuals should be legally subjected to rigorous evaluation psychologically, at the very least.

    • One of these private zoo owners said that if a tiger never knew anything other than a cage, then being in cage would not bother him. I totally disagree with that ignorant comment. It is in their DNA, it is genetically inherited: the need to roam over hundreds of square miles. It must be permanent agony to be caged and their failure to breed indicates stress. To be honest I don’t know how people can put these cats in cages. It is anathema to me.

  4. I think this is a mental health issue.
    To me, only a child or a disturbed person would think it is feasible to keep this sort of cat.
    I don’t see how the cat could thrive being captive, and I don’t see how a person could adequately meet the cat’s needs.
    It’s grandiose thinking for a person to believe that they can come close to “taking care of” a cat like this or, worse yet, to make a pet of it.
    It’s a lose-lose all around.

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