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USA: Cat Population Increases While Visits to Veterinarians Decrease — 6 Comments

  1. More and more the hammer is coming down on cat people to keep their cats indoors fulltime.
    I think that having fulltime indoor cats is a major reason for a decline in vet visits.
    Those cats aren’t likely to sustain injuries to the extent outdoor ones are, and many people don’t feel the need to comply with getting their cats vaccinated even though it’s the law.

    • I think you make a good point. If the percentage of full-time indoor cats is actually increasing and I don’t know if we have any hard statistics on that, then that would explain a gradual reduction in the number of veterinary visits. You know what, it may be that less veterinary visits is good for the cat because we realise that veterinarians want cat owners to bring their cat to the clinic and sometimes it is unnecessary and all surgery or interventions of any sort can have some sort of detrimental health consequences.

  2. I think that people find that cats are easier to ignore than dogs. Cats cope better with whatever’s wrong whereas a dog will probably limp and whimper which can’t be ignored. I think dogs are thought to be more important and as such worth more consideration.

  3. I took my cat Gigi in Canada to the horrible toronto evil so called ‘humane’ society – to get operated. After that I took her to the vet once when she had an abcess on her throat – that popped – and they stitched her up and I removed the stitches my self – and never took her to the vet again, ever.. Now she is old and sick she is going every year.

    Young cats don’t need to go to the vet uless there is a problem.

    The key here is Knowing when there is a problem.

    I would suggest most people don’t truly know what to look out for and therefore they should take their cats to the vet once ayear. If you don’t do this then you should be extremely alert for anything that might be wrong ad never take chances.

    • If a cat caretaker is knowledgeable then they can take their cat to the vet whenever the cat needs to go to the vet but if a cat owner lacks knowledge and awareness than he or she should take their cat to the vet routinely, which is the point I believe you are making. Of course vets will try and drum up business and encourage regular visits. This is unnecessary but I sense that there are not enough visitors to the veterinarian by cat owners in general.

  4. well i cant speak for everyone but its expensive got to the vet and unless you got some kind of account where u can pay things off like i can at my vet. It can be hard esp when u got more than one cat. Vaccinations are expensive. cant believe what i just saw ozzie and jasmin are play fighting so cute. anyway i do agree its good to take cat to vet at least once a year or when the animal in pain and cant do anything.

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