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USA Cat Shelter Record Keeping — 3 Comments

  1. An accurante account will never happen until the complacent people stand up with us.
    I don’t know if that would get it done. I know it’s hard to understand, but people here are so different from the Brits. Even though I live here, I didn’t grow up with the thinking around me. Most of my neighbors would care less if they ran over and killed one of my cats (and, they have). Cats are, often, considered a nuisance
    and are poisoned, struck with stones, or abused in other ways.
    In the past year, I have had 2 cats succumb to poisoning and had 2 windows broken out from kids throwing rocks at cats on my deck.

    • Your comment, Dee, is quite a revelation to me. I know we are different – Brits and Americans – but I sense we are more different in our attitude towards cats than I had thought. There are malicious people here, of course, who do nasty things to cats but they are very rare in my opinion.

      But there are millions of great American cat caretakers.

  2. Another option is to match individuals in areas where pets are scarce to pets in areas where there is a surplus. My local private no-kill shelter, Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center, has a program where small pets are flown by a corporate sponsor in a private jet to Canada. This shelter also has a good working relationship with the public shelter, and will take in several hundred pets a year from them, and the Canada transfers help them take in more.

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