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USA: Cats are living longer. Some reasons why. — 6 Comments

  1. I’m all for cats living longer as long as they have quality of life.
    But it must be a miserable life for declawed cats, strictly indoors always, nothing to do, probably with painful arthritis.
    There are never any statistics on those cats living out their life sentence for no crime, just as there are none for the number of declawed cats relinquished and killed at any age.

    • Agreed, also with a longer life comes a downside: more possibility of geriatric cat illnesses and more vet bills that some cat caretakers understandably find hard to pay.

  2. Ahh…Bigfoot. Thanks for making him the poster-cat for cats living to a ripe old age. I’m aging by the minute making sure to do right by him.

    Those are interesting stats. I wonder how long an intact male can produce offspring? Their whole life?

    This is off subject. My friends cat, Amber, calico spayed female, was attacked by a feral, and apparently mounted. When she protested, he bit her on the back in four places. They didn’t know at first that she had holes in her. The bites became infected and required surgery, with drains put in. She had to wear an Elizabethan collar for over a week.

    I had never heard of that happening before.

    • Wow, that is interesting DW. I have never heard that happening before. I wonder if the feral attacked her or was just trying hard to keep her in a submissive position. You know that male cats bite the female at the back of the neck to keep her in position and to shut her up, to stop her complaining (!). Rough business. Well, I wonder if in her protests he just keep on trying and bite her in different places.

        • Yes it sounds to me too like the feral tom was frustrated at the lack of co-operation from Amber although why he tried to mate her as she couldn’t have been in season because she was spayed, is a mystery.

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