USA: County Commission Meeting on Shelter Killings (video)

CBS46 News

This is interesting to me because the killing of shelter cats and dogs in a major topic of conversation in the world of cats and it greatly concerns people who care about animals.

It is interesting to see American cat and dog lovers putting their point of view to the county commissioners. You’ll see some passion and real concern for the animals. I love to see this. I hate to think about the killings which sometimes are unnecessary as some of the speakers make clear or at least hint at.

There appears to be poor management at the shelter. It takes commitment, imagination and enlightenment to minimise the number of healthy cats and dogs killed at shelters.

4 thoughts on “USA: County Commission Meeting on Shelter Killings (video)”

  1. Pretty good public input at that meeting.
    It’s much the same with the ones I attend.
    But, I seek much more. I want a huge outcry. I want screaming, rolling on the floor, taking the gavel from the hand of the chairperson action.


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