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USA: How people make choices when adapting shelter cats (and why they give them back) — 11 Comments

  1. I think people should have to foster before being allowed to adopt just to see whether they still want a cat after poop and hairball accidents.

  2. Very interesting statistics which show that in the case of neutering it pays Shelters to do this to encourage the adoption of cats.
    Kays Hill recently had a cat neutering drive as they’ve had good donations since their fences blew down in the gales and lots more support since then, so hopefully more cats will be adopted out from there too as a result and make room for more needing to come in.

    • People seem to choose on looks and practicality. The white cat indicates a preference for a nice appearance and neutering makes a cat more pliable and domestic. I think the preference for males is because most adopters are females and prefer the opposite sex. Just a thought.

      I’d like to see a cat’s appearance be less important to people though. Too many fine shelter cats are rejected because they are 10 years old and brown.

  3. I love graphs. That blue wedge on the top one makes me a little sad. I’ve only managed to adopt older cats. But they find me. I’ve never adopted a cat from a shelter. Maybe someday I will raise a younger cat.

    • When a cat chooses the human rules are turned upside down! It is the same for me. I have never chosen a cat but if I did, I’d chose the cat everyone else rejected. It is just the way I am.

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