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USA: Is it legal to eat your cat? — 40 Comments

  1. Oh, you might want to get your “declawing” facts up to date too. The only way that most people can get low-cost spaying or neutering in the USA is if they also agree to get their cats declawed. This is less incentive for criminally-negligent and criminally-irresponsible adopters let their cats roam free. A solution that goes hand-in-hand. (Or paw-in-paw if you prefer.)

    You love to cite facts of the USA, please keep them current.

  2. See there is no need to eat animals, this is shepherds pie made with Quorn mince, no animals died to make this meal.

    • Yes it is and It Upsets me Very much. I Used to Love Coming here Talking with Different people but I just feel the Joy and Connectedness and understanding has gone backwards.

      • It feels as if the personal touch has gone, I loved reading about peoples lives and their cats in various parts of the world and seeing photos of their cats.
        Where have they gone?
        Here’s our happy boyz, morning rounds over, bellies full and now relaxing.

        • Aww they look Comfory Yes I miss that too. That was the whole reason for having Cassy’s Memorial up on here. As I felt the Place to be a Caring Place. With people who were passionate about Cats and the Protection of them. I for one would never eat cat or dog as they are pets not food.

  3. Why would anyone even ask such a Question.?? Anyone that does such a thing likes cruelty and abuse. I cant believe you would even to an article on this. As you know woody will just love to comment on this.

  4. I find it sad that people eat any animals at all, I really don’t know how I did it before becoming vegetarian. Now I could never eat parts of any animal, bird or fish without feeling guilty that its life was taken from it to be cut into pieces and cooked πŸ™

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