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Use of the Word “It” when Referring to Animals — 10 Comments

  1. I agree, it is disrespectful and wrong to call any animal ‘it’
    I always use he/she if I don’t know the sex or am talking generally.
    We don’t call a castrated man or a woman who has had a hysterectomy ‘it’ and really they are neutered just like cats and dogs are!
    Until every one sees every animal as a living feeling being with feelings of pain and emotion, they will keep on being treated like inanimate objects, to be used, abused or eaten.
    Just because animals can’t read or write or talk in the same language as we do, it doesn’t mean they are not as intelligent as humans (in fact many are much more intelligent that some humans)
    It suits some people to think of and call animals ‘it’ so that they can keep on deluding themselves that humans are superior……

    • Amen again Ruth! I hate people sometimes why do we think that we are so bloody superior? Animals just would not do to other animals what we do to animals and other people.

      I rarely call an animal ‘it’ why would I if I know the sex? It implies that they are an imanimate object which of course they are not, my feeling is that some people are so thick, stupid and unfeeling they have to justify their existence by vilifying animals. To vilify by the way only applies to people however it should apply to animals as well as people do it all the time.

      I just don’t get why people could still think that animals don’t feel pain when as Michael says they have a nervous system and pain receptors just like us in fact apart from the level of intellegence (which I feel is sometimes in question especially when I think of declawing) animals are so like humans in far more ways then they are different.

  2. Michael, I have always called any anipal “him or her” or him/her if I do not know the gender. I agree with you. I truly feel that the anipals are living, thinking, breathing and feeling beings as we are — albeit to a smaller degree, but that does not lessen the reasoning behind calling them him or her appropriately. I speak to my kitties as if I am speaking to a human toddler — in PLAIN ENGLISH!!!!! I believe they deserve that, and I respect them for who they are!! ♥♥♥

  3. I suggest that people use the word “It” when referring to a cat they are not familiar with and the gender is unknown. One example would be me at a cat asking of a cat I have never seen before “How old is it?” This is rather more abstract than gender related.

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