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Using a dating app to find your cat — 5 Comments

  1. What even people can imagine and make! Hello everyone. How are you doing on the love front? Everything worked out for me. I am currently using https://www.matchtrace.com/wantmatures/ where I like to chat with people and also I am asking them about animals, because it is a good shoe that the person is kind!

  2. Excellent story and clever means to get the word out. The clothes thing I’ve done before. I made the mistake of taking “Buddy” for a ride in the car to the store about a quarter mile away. When I opened the door there he bolted out, ran across a highway and climbed over a wall dividing us civilians from our military. The 6 foot wall was topped with barbed wire as well. I went to this wall every night and stood there calling him for an hour, and on my way home I left my balled up socks on a path home that if I were him, I would take. 3 weeks later I was feeling pretty distraught and hopeless, but he did find his way home. I’m sure the scent trail helped!

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