Using a dating app to find your cat

This lady, who lost her cat, chose an interesting and original route to find him. There were no posters on telegraph poles or leaflets through doors. She used Tinder which is a dating app based on your location. A neat idea. She joined Tinder on a premium account. She uploaded a photo of Peanut, her lost cat, and set her search settings to a 10 kilometer radius.

Using a dating app to find your cat


Remarkably she received 400 matches and low and behold within 30 minutes she received a call from a guy, Charlie, who said he had found Peanut in his garden. Brilliant.

Using a dating app to find your cat

Peanut on Tinder

Phase 2: Peanut disappeared from Charlie’s garden. That’s unsurprising but at least Katie Alsop knew where he had been and therefore knew his rough location. As usual for lost cats he wasn’t that far away.

The next phase was to lure Peanut home. She tried the idea of leaving items with a familiar scent near her home. Cats can pick up these odours and being familiar they migrate to them. She tried some old cat litter used by Peanut without success.

She then tried stuff from her laundry basket – clothes that smelt strongly of her – and some tuna. This worked.

Peanut was meowing in the street the next morning. I love the success of this lost cat story and the very intelligent way Katie went about find her lost cat.

Like me she has said that her cat is never going out again. She has felt that anguish at losing her cat. It is a particular kind of emotional anguish which does not go away and the problem is you need closure. You need to know if he or she is dead or alive and can be found.

Source: Metro.

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  1. Tnfk says:

    Do you have any fetishes?

  2. Peter Nilson says:

    What even people can imagine and make! Hello everyone. How are you doing on the love front? Everything worked out for me. I am currently using where I like to chat with people and also I am asking them about animals, because it is a good shoe that the person is kind!

  3. Susan Gort says:

    Wonderful idea! So glad Peanut is home.

  4. Albert Schepis says:

    Excellent story and clever means to get the word out. The clothes thing I’ve done before. I made the mistake of taking “Buddy” for a ride in the car to the store about a quarter mile away. When I opened the door there he bolted out, ran across a highway and climbed over a wall dividing us civilians from our military. The 6 foot wall was topped with barbed wire as well. I went to this wall every night and stood there calling him for an hour, and on my way home I left my balled up socks on a path home that if I were him, I would take. 3 weeks later I was feeling pretty distraught and hopeless, but he did find his way home. I’m sure the scent trail helped!

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