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Using Cats As Snake Food — 8 Comments

  1. UNTIL THERE ARE HARSHER LAWS AND PUNNISHMENT FOR ANIMAL ABUSE THIS WILL CONTINUE – write letters to all your legislators in your state, you can change a lot by doing this! Ask for harsher punnishment and if purps can’t pay, reposessions of their items.
    If you know of ANYONE feeding small animals like cats and dogs to a snake – report them. It is NOT LEGAL and in some states it is a felony. A person doing this MUST BE SERIOUSLY PUNNISHED or they’ll never learn. YES a snake can get serious internal injuries from both cats and dogs – even kittens and puppies. Report whoever does this. FYI PETA kills animals because they can’t stand the recycling that goes on. by the time an animal gets into PETAs hands it has been so torchured and abused death is the only mercy. PETA staff have very strong stomachs and probably the strongest devotion to animals. They don’t eat them, don’t wear them and don’t recycle them. If you are adopting, please do a decent background check, CHARGE $$$ for both cats and dogs and make sure you have a contract for the person to stay in touch with you. Anyone who truly wants a pet, will be happy to do so. Others you can report. We all die one day and everything we do to every living being we will be made to feel for eternity in every excrusiating detail.

  2. I can’t even read this stuff. Sorry. I have seen snakes crush and ingest vermin and I hated every minute of it. Keeping snakes in a tiny class prison is cruel. Than having to harvest small mammals to feed them. It’s just sick.

  3. What worries me is how hard this would be to prove as there won’t be any evidence. Its hard enough to convict if someone confesses. Our laws are way too lax.

  4. This is so very dreadful! Just when we think we’ve heard about all the forms cruelty to cats can take, we hear of even more!
    It can’t go on, something will have to give as this planet is ever more poisoned by selfish cruel humans, Nature won’t put up with much more and will surely have to wipe the human species out.

    • Yes, eventually, the edifice that humans have created will come tumbling down and the planet will be at peace again and return to nature.

  5. I get the bad feeling this one will give me nightmares. This was a very hard story to write as I’m way past terrified of snakes. Florida has a really high number of these snakes. Up in the hundreds of thousands if the numbers are accurate.

    • It seems we don’t know how many pet snakes there are in Florida or the USA generally or anywhere else. Maybe we should know. How many kittens are fed to snakes? I just believe that there should be some sort of control over this sort of thing.

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