Using drainage pipes to feed feral cats

In war torn Syria, kind souls are feeding and watering feral cats using building materials; in this instance drainage pipes.

There are two aspects to this which impress me. Firstly this is Syria, a country in crisis. The war started in 2011. To outsiders it seems the country is in a mess with no end to the war; an almost permanent state of national crisis. And yet there is time for some to use their intelligence, compassion and imagination to ensure that the community cats are feed and watered.

Secondly, the kind people who did this have used ordinary building materials to create a nice looking customised feeding station for feral cats. It looks really cool.

On a technical note I am not sure how the water and dry cat food is prevented from flowing out at the bottom. Perhaps the pipes are only filled at the bottom of the construction and the main body of it is for labelling. Anyway it works and it looks cool and I love them. They are in Damascus where the war is less obvious.

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3 thoughts on “Using drainage pipes to feed feral cats”

  1. There is a Twitter account called Syrian Cats where the work of one ambulance driver in saving the sanity of children by caring for these poor cats is shown.

    Love those pipe devices, I wonder if there is some sort of syphon device in the water pipe?

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  3. Wow! This looks like a neat idea. The only issue is can they clean these pipes out periodically? I know it’s not top priority but it is important. Maybe they just replace them, but that takes time and effort also.🤔


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