VA Secretary Denis McDonough approves experiments on cats and the White Coat Waste Project intends to stop them

The White Coat Waste Project (WCW) video below sums up the current problem which concerns another act of proposed animal cruelty in a government laboratory. WCW has achieved some remarkable successes in stopping government authorized animal cruelty and associated waste of American citizens’ tax dollars. For example, recently they stopped the American funding of a Russian animal experiment laboratory. Imagine American public funds being sent to Russia for cruel animal experiments. As they say, “Stop the Madness” and they do.

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Other WCW successes in preventing (a) animal cruelty and (b) wasting public funds in the process include:

  • Currently no laboratory at the VA or other federal agency is abusing cats in experiments because of WCW’s efforts.
  • WCW have done more than anyone else to expose and close painful federal cat experimentation. They say that they’ve closed them all down.
  • WCW managed to shut down the government’s largest cat lab, the USDA’s “kitten slaughterhouse” and saved the survivors.
  • They also helped to create historic legislation, the first of its kind, which defunds the VA’s experiments on cats, dogs and primates. They have directed the agency to phase them out by 2025.
  • WCW’s new campaign aims to stop McDonough, save the “Stokes 7,” (7 cats – see video above) and eradicate painful cat testing inside the U.S. government. 

There are other successes but to summarise, thanks to WCW’s campaigning “no lab at the VA or any other federal agency is abusing cats in painful experiments”.

VA Secretary Denis McDonough and the kind of animal testing on cats that he recommends.
VA Secretary Denis McDonough and the kind of animal testing on cats that he recommends. Image: MikeB from WCW images and an image in the public domain.

But this ugly aspect of US government policy has resurfaced and one Biden administration bureaucrat wants to restart testing on cats at a government lab. The VA Secretary Denis McDonough has written to the Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies to inform them that he has “approved a research study that will involve the use of felines”. You can see is letter below dated June 6, 2022.

McDonough's letter on his approval of further use of cats in animal testing experiments.

WCW tell us that the experiments would include implanting wiring into the cat’s legs and backs and they’d funded by taxpayers through a VA grant which “raked in $426,795 last year and was renewed until April 2024”.

The use of cats has been justified because they are “the right size and are happy to run and jump after a laser pointer and other toy during routine activities”. I presume by this that they mean as cats are prone to being physically active during which they use their muscles and nerves they are good subjects to test on because the testing is meant to help disabled military veterans. There is no discussion about the morality and inhumanely of it. Animal testing of any kind can never be justified in the 20th century as there are technological alternatives and it is cruel and inhumane.

At the time of this post, WCW confirmed that VA has not purchased a cat or started the experiments. This leaves the door open to stop them and save tax dollars.

The VA admits that some of the cats may be killed because of the experimentation. Records obtained by WCW under the Freedom of Information Act tell us that in the past cats have become sick, paralysed and some were killed after the experiments.

WCW want people to take action to stop the money and stop the madness and if you wish to do this could you please click on this link which takes you to the WW website and a form where you can write to VA secretary Dennis McDonough with ease.

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