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Vaccination in Cat Shelters Is Absolutely Essential — 6 Comments

  1. We’ve never been a fan of overvaccination. We have a kitten who was trapped and will be going for surgery in a few weeks then onto her forever home. We vaccinated her and she’ll get a booster at the time of surgery and that’s it. We haven’t lost a personal cat to illness since December 2011 and that was from the shelter not telling us about the panleuk outbreak and it was still in the house. The virus can live for MONTHS on surfaces even with disinfecting.

  2. Some shelters are even trying to talk owner surrenders into waiting a week to turn in a pet. The shelter vaccinates the animal against a contagious disease, the animal goes home and comes back a week later.

  3. Maddies Fund? The same outfit that promotes and recommends “Return To Field” for all unadoptable cats, whether feral or tame? That Maddies Fund? The one who promotes that any and all cats and kittens be pulled from any and all shelters and released into unknown locations in the hopes they might one day find their original owners? That Maddies Fund? The one that parades injured cats in the media for donations? Cats that they injure by dumping them into traffic in the hopes they’ll make it back home. That Maddies Fund? What a great resource for knowledge and humane treatment of animals.

    This site is without a doubt nutso.

    • One has to be very careful before following the advice of the experts. Even Cornell publishes some awful stuff. I wonder how much experience they have in rescuing and caring for sick cats and kittens.

      • Yes, Harvey, I agree that experts are not always experts. But I think it is fair to say that with respect to vaccinations and cat shelters, common sense applies which dictates that vaccinations under these particular circumstances are essential. Sometimes vaccinations are problematic but I think you will find in every instance from every type of person involved with cat and animal shelters that vaccinations are an essential part of protecting the animals in their charge.

    • I think, Beth, that you will find that every expert involved with cat shelters and every veterinarian involving cat shelters would argue that vaccinations are essential to incoming cats and kittens. Some of them may already be vaccinated but you have to vaccinate even though there are risks with vaccinations because the risks of getting an infection in a shelter are higher. I have quoted both Cornell and Maddie’s Fund but I could have gone elsewhere and found the same advice. Therefore I don’t know why you are harping on about Maddie’s Fund.

      You find a resource, the best that you can, and tell me whether they recommend vaccinations or no vaccinations for cats and kittens coming into animal shelters.

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