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Validity Of All Animal Testing on Mice Called into Question — 5 Comments

  1. well just have to write this as this is kinda happening here in nz. They want to test on animals i.e rabbits and possible dogs. Which so many people over here are totally against. As thats kids pet just to test for safe of legal highs which has becoming a big issue in this country. Its such a big issue they looking to take it offshore to china where i guess it will be done on other animals. Just breaks my heart how yet again more innocent animals have to be the scapegoat for humans that want that stuff. My ex included. just makes me sooo sick.

  2. There is no need to experiment on animals these days of advanced technology and stem cells, but scientists still do it because to them animal life is cheap.
    Anti vivisectionists know that the results from using animals are misleading, if the scientists ever cure a mouse of cancer it doesn’t mean the cure will work for humans too.
    We support Dr Hadwen Trust:
    always have and always will because I believe they will find the cure for cancer and other fatal illnesses, one day.

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