Value for money cat food

This is just a quick note to remind ourselves that the purchase price of cat food is not the whole story as to its cost. The other part of the story is how much of the food is left in the bowl uneaten. On a simple calculation, cat food which is half the price of an alternative more expensive variety may end up costing the same as the more expensive variety if a cat leaves half of it in the bowl where it goes off and is thrown away.

Encore cat food
Encore cat food. No waste due to high quality. There are other varieties of high quality cat food.
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The higher quality cat foods are obviously more expensive. My experience is that my cat eats all of the more expensive cat food that I give him. There is no waste whereas some of the cheaper foods can sometimes be left in the bowl. This is about value for money which means how much you get at the end of the day, in practical terms, from the money you spend on cat food.


The best value for money, without a doubt in my opinion, is dry cat food. There is nearly no waste and it is no more expensive than an average wet cat food. The average wet cat food can sometimes be left in the bowl but there’s never any dry cat food wasted in this way.

However, there is a resistance, and rightly so, to providing dry cat food only to a cat because it is simply too unnatural. It contains about 10% water whereas the natural died of a domestic cat would contain 70% water. I have said it before many times but domestic cats do not compensate for this dryness in their food by drinking more water which can lead to a mild case of permanent dehydration if they are on dry cat food permanently. This is a health problem.

Mental note

The point of the article is that when choosing cat food it is sensible to make a mental note of how much wet cat food a cat habitually leaves in the bowl when feeding. This should be cross-referenced to the cost of the food and the name of the brand. You can then work your way towards the best value wet cat food on the market for your cat.

Encore – one high quality food

My cat loves Encore cat food, which is certainly high quality. He eats it all. I’m not promoting the food but just passing on my observations. Hills wet cat food is high-quality but he leaves some of it as the sachet is too large. He often leaves some of the mid-range quality cat foods which can go to waste. I have concluded that Encore is at least as good value for money as the other cat foods and as it is better quality it is better for his health. This leads to the overall conclusion that it is sensible under this calculation to buy it.

Amount provided

A secondary and cross-referencing factor is the amount of food that is put into the bowl. Some wet cat food is provided in sachets (pouches). The size of the sachet is important because the larger sachets may contain too much cat food for your cat. Therefore she leaves some of it. I think that the quantity of cat food that is put down the bowl is a very important factor when feeding your cat in the context of value for money.

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Other considerations

Postscript: if the manufacturers of Encore cat food benefit from this article then good luck to them because it is a very high quality cat food which I would recommend. It is expensive which I’m sure puts people off. However, choosing cheap cat food may be a poor decision. Indeed, it may result in more veterinary treatments which puts up the cost of cat caretaking. There are also environmental considerations. Throwing away wet cat food has environmental implications. The manufacture of high quality cat food may also incorporate a high quality process in which the environment is protected. It may not, but one needs to do research on that. The manufacturers of high quality cat food may be concerned more about the environment than manufacturers producing low quality varieties. Certainly, there is a concern for cat health which is a mentality that I like.

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