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Vehicle Owners Should Report Roadkill Cats — 5 Comments

  1. In the UK there is no legal compulsio n to report a cat killed on the road. Seems the legal premis for this is the view that no one can own a cat

    Until cats get a fitting legal status it is like an open season on the poor souls.

    • You’re right, cats are allowed to wander and act as if they are independent and without owner. It is time for change. The law is outdated. These days cats are seen as family members as much as dogs.

  2. Many people report roadkill so the ACO can come and remove it. For some it’s a sanitation issue others are disturbed by the sight and others will consider it a road hazard. If I can, I will move the cat or dog off the road, call Animal Control, and post the info on Craigslist…hoping the owner might see it. The ACO should scan the animal for a microchip but I’m not confident that they do this.

  3. I believe that any cat hit by a vehicle should be reported here in the US. The problem is enforcing this law. How many people would actually follow through with such a law? The other apprehension I have is that this requirement may encourage cat haters to deliberately run over more cats, for whatever reason. Sounds weird I know, but evil minds might do this for spite.

    • Yes, Frances, I’d bet that a lot of people would not comply. But let’s say that 50% of drivers complied. That would be a big improvement on the current state of affairs.

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