Venezuela has for years been mismanaged and now people are eating cats and dogs to survive

Years of mismanagement of the economy of Venezuela has brought the country to its knees in a gargantuan crisis. People are in effect starving and relying on eating flamingos, cats, dogs, donkeys and any other animal they can get their hands on; including zoo animals.

Venezuelans eating zoo animals
Venezuelans eating zoo animals
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The underlying problem in respect of the country’s mismanagement is that the country has relied very heavily on revenue from oil exports. At times of high prices for oil this was sustainable even though they spent the money on imports rather than investing in manufacturing and other businesses which would have made the country more self-sufficient.

Empty shelves in Venezuela
Empty shelves in Venezuela

For some time now there has been a crash in oil prices which has made money scarce preventing the country from buying imports leaving the citizens of Venezuela without products to buy.

In addition, the government has nationalised industries which made them inefficient and unable to compete with commercial businesses. Thirdly the government introduced monetary controls, which distorted the economy.

The bottom line is this: successive governments have messed up and the consequence, as is often the case, is that animals, the innocents of this world, pay the ultimate price, in this case with their lives.

This is simply one more example of how humans can mess up with a consequential negative impact on animals. Humans have found many ways to negatively impact the lives of animals and the Venezuelan crisis is a novel one.

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