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Verizon worker who rescued a cat from a power pole has been suspended for 15 days — 10 Comments

  1. WOW!! VERIZON couldn’t have been any more disappointing and pathetic. Rather than give Maurice the pat on the back he deserves for being a humanitarian and being proud of his actions, they screw him out of 3 weeks pay??? MORONS. Maybe it’s their policies that need to change!!!

  2. Wow! What a cool guy Maurice German is. Meanwhile, Verizon, you are not cool. Whatever your policy, suspending this man is an extremely uncalled for measure. This human being was able to use the sum of his conscious brain (intellect + emotions) to arrive at a personal decision. He is obviously an experienced worker and a professional at what he does. I doubt that anyone was “endangered” during this rescue.

    Good news that a Go Fund Me account has been established to help Maurice recoup the lost wages. He is well liked and respected by his coworkers. I will continue to see Maurice German as a hero. Kindness is an ultimate act of heroism. 😠☯️☮️💜💜🗝️

  3. Ugh. So very glad I ended my service with Verizon after only 52 years. (They started as New York Telephone). I would have clearly suspended it after this story, The only positive is that I saved $148 for the month….and they call themselves a public SERVICE company.

  4. They didn’t have to suspend him. They could have simply made a statement. The statement they did make was a lame attempt to save face for being just another heartless company in the grand spirit of Montgomery Burns. I’m sending the guy some money too. P.S. I never did like Verizon and this means I’ll never send one dollar their way for anything.

  5. Well done to the man and, sorry Verizon, you made a bad decision. Nice story. It shows the shortsightedness of business. They could have used this to promote their company but achieved the opposite.

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