Vertically challenged cat adopts meerkat position

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The much used title for this story on other websites: ‘Cat with super strong legs stands like a human’ is incorrect, I believe. This ginger tabby Exotic Shorthair, Munchkin hybrid, named George2legs, has normal strength legs, although being a dwarf cat mix he appears to be a dwarf cat with short legs.

What is strong is his back muscles not his legs. The muscles of his back lever him up to the meerkat position so he has a better view of what is going on. His tail is also very important as it acts as a third leg of a tripod and stabilises the body. His tail is probably strong too.

His owner said:

‘George is adorable but we have no idea why he stands on his back legs all the time…..He just started doing it and now whenever he feels like it, he perches on his back leg like a meerkat.’

Well, I have an idea why he likes the meerkat position. It is because he has short legs. He is vertically challenged as they say. He feels a need to position his head higher so he can see further and see more. He may also do it for status and/or a desire to have a presence and be noticed. Although that may be anthropomorphising him.

It is not unusual for Munchkins to do the meerkat stance. On the Munchkin page of this website I mention Gloria Stephens the author of Legacy of the Cat when I write:

‘The Munchkin, Gloria says, has a great temperament; a very sweet cat. They can stand on their hind legs and look around a little like Meerkats.’

George 2 Legs
George 2 Legs

Source: Cat with super strong legs George2legs stands like a human

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