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Very distressed child killed the family cat — 13 Comments

  1. One of the responsibilities of the adult in the household is to instill empathy. They are missing that trait. It’s very hard to fix these kinds of emotional issues even with drugs. They may never be able to live in society and to be honest as bad as I feel for them would never want them in my neighborhood.
    They probably had no concept that killing an animal was wrong since they themselves were little more than animals at that point.
    That said many victims of far worse find the strength to put the past behind and live a better life knowing what they left behind.
    As a child my animals were my comfort in life. Enough said.

  2. As for those kids, I don’t know what to think. It sounds horrific, what they had to live through. But to kill an innocent animal, I just can’t fathom that. Even for young kids.

  3. “According to Psychology Today, almost all perpetrators of violent crimes start off with animal cruelty.”

    Actually, that…..(deleted because of non-compliance of comment rules: gratuitous insult – Admin)

      • I think I’ve got it figured out. Just like Trump accidentally admitted in a Tweet that anything he doesn’t like, disagrees with, or proves him 100% wrong; he calls it “Fake News”.

        The only difference between your and his manipulative immorality and pathological self-deception is that you have the advantage of editing or deleting anyone’s proof that you are 100% wrong before everyone else can see it. I get it now. I bet if you could prevent everyone in the world from having access to Google to find out for themselves that you are 100% wrong the majority of the time that you’d find a way to do that too.

        • Your comment is pure bullshit. You insulted me and that is breach of the rules in making comments. Therefore your comment was deleted. You know what the rules are and you broke them. So please go away and stop wasting my time.

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