Very tense video of cat walking along bamboo bridge

Domestic cat in Asia walks along narrow bamboo bridge and almost falls off
Domestic cat in Asia walks along narrow bamboo bridge and almost falls off.
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If you would like to watch a little bit of exciting tension in a cat video this will do. I am not going to tell you what happens at the end because I don’t want to be a spoiler for viewers of this little movie. The cat was overambitious in thinking that they could walk along a narrow bamboo ‘bridge’ as I have called it. They failed to get across the bridge but the cat’s fabulously athletic skills in survival carry the day.

The video is immediately below. Please be patient as it may take a little while to load as Facebook seem, on occasions, to be having problems in keeping their platform functioning properly. The same goes for Google Blogger. I am moaning again.

OMG! Luckily nothing happened 😱

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Despite the domestic cat’s amazing athletic skills, this individual was unable to get back up and onto the bamboo bridge and continue walking along it. It was beyond them. The video does point at a failing of the domestic or community cat (I think this is a community cat). Their inquisitiveness and perhaps overconfidence can and does get them into trouble, sometimes life-threatening, serious trouble. There are many video “cat fails” online. This is cats trying to do something which is beyond their abilities. Sometimes they seem to demonstrate an inability to recognise their physical limits. This is where the old adage “A cat has nine lives” comes into play. They need them.

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