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Vester Lee Flanagan II (aka Bryce Williams) killed his two cats before his live TV murders — 11 Comments

  1. You’re talking about a deranged mentality that murdered 2 humans on tv. I don’t think you can compare that to “the mentality that causes cat overpopulation in the US”. You don’t think that is a stretch?
    Yes, he could have taken them to a shelter, but again, do you really think a person in his state of mind is caring about the life of his cats and would have interaction with shelter staff? At most he could have tossed them outside perhaps in his deranged state. But most likely he was in the mood to murder.

    Sorry, but you never publish any of my posts so I’m sure this one will not get published either. Most of your blog is so interesting, on rare occasions I have to disagree. This time you have gone a little overboard.

      • Dee, I am not bashing America. I am commenting on the news. It is well known and factual that there is cat overpopulation in the US and mass killings by the millions annually. To mention it is not bashing.

        Also the very high rate of gun homicides in the USA (far higher than any other advanced nation) is also well-known worldwide and Barack Obama refers to it quite often and is clearly ashamed of it.

        If an American had written what I have written you wouldn’t call it America bashing.

        • Agree. You are right.

          I feel badly for people who are offended by the truth and go into a protective mode. My pathology.

          In reality, I don’t believe in “political correctness” at all. Anyone should have the right to express their opinions anytime, anywhere without reprisal. Opinions don’t even have to have any bit of truth at all.

          It’s tiring to walk on eggshells. I refuse.

    • Well, perhaps I am wrong. But we don’t know how deranged he was. You say he was deranged mentally. He was not insane by the look of it. He did not value his cat’s lives.

      I always publish all comments. The only comments I don’t publish are pure spam and those of Woodsman001 (“Woody”) aka Jim Stephenson. So I don’t understand what you mean about not publishing your posts.

  2. Flanagan was a professional victim. He never took personal responsibility. He felt his life was screwed up and he had absolutely no problem spreading the misery around. Too bad he didn’t go into the forest and kill himself instead.

  3. Could only read a portion and no comment.
    My stance has always been, if you want do yourself in, go for it; but, leave other entities alone.

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