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Vet clinic accidentally kills cat with dog drug — 3 Comments

  1. Most important was the fact that the clinic admitted its mistake which is definitely rare as a lawsuit could be raised against it by the cats owner Lillian Carr.It was destiny and carelessness that resulted in the death of the cat “Bosco” and my deep sympathies for the owner.Its not easy getting over the loss of a pet companion especially when its due to veterinary negligence, something that could have been avoided.

  2. Two syringes near each other? Doesn’t seem very professional, since syringes aren’t labeled.

    Although we do know of hospital cases where the wrong arm or leg has been treated or amputated.

    Nowadays they check once, twice, and even 3 times to make sure.

  3. I’m very sorry for Lillian. It’s always heartbreaking when a much loved pet dies, but when it’s in circumstances like this, the emotional pain must be unbearable.

    At least the clinic were decent enough to admit their mistake and appear to have done all they could to save Bosco. If their apology is genuine and heartfelt, then I have some sympathy for the vet nurse who administered the injection. I’m sure killing someone’s pet by accident is something they deeply regret and feel guilty about.

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