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Vet Files: Make Sure Your Cat Is Being Treated By Professionals — 14 Comments

  1. Make sure they have a state license. If the one in my cats case did I could have included her in my complaint to the SVB.

  2. Another way to determine whether the veterinary assistant caring for your pet is a professional or not is asking for his or her certification. Does he or she hold her veterinary assistant certification from a NAVTA-approved program, such as Animal Behavior College? Has he or she had formal hands-on training prior to working at the hospital?

  3. Lols i just dont understand in places like usa and others why Vets have the right to declaw a cat. Im always mindful at my vet, and they always explain what they are doing. Even in the case of cassy. Even had to sign that it was ok to do that. which i think is a double Precaution to save them. its just soo hard to understand why people would declaw their precious cat.

  4. Oh oh! That will be “Babz to Planet Ruth are you receiving me over……. no reply” for the foreseeable future then 😉

    • Yes, and sadly that means I could not trust 99.9% of the American vets. Note: I realise that many American vets are first rate in terms of skill and knowledge but for me they ruin their reputation by declawing cats. I realise I am only one person but I am entitled to my opinion.

      • I agree with you Michael and we know that we are right so if anyone doesn’t like what we say, it’s their problem not ours!

        • Say it, Sister!

          Some day, we should create soap boxes for us all to stand on with our names and causes on them.

          We would look like we were playing the game “Twister” with one foot on my kill shelters box, one foot on your declaw box, one hand on Elisa’s PETA box, one hand on Michael’s government and corporations box…When we run out of limbs, we can just hiss and growl at the other box causes.

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