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Vet Hates Cat – Cat Hates Vet — 18 Comments

  1. I want to know this Vets name so I can warn my UK m8’s about him,many of my UK m8’s like meself are cat fanatics and they should know who this vet is in case they need a new vet or change vets! IMO.

  2. As I said why on earth is he a Vet!!!, its just terrible. It must be just so horrible for people Overseas with their experiences I’ve never seen anything like you describe here in New Zealand.

  3. Horrible man, his tale of woe makes me angry, I hope his clients know what a loser he is, Malcolm D Welshman I really think you should change careers.

  4. That person should never have become a vet! Working in the veterinary profession you have to care for and understand all species of animals.
    It makes me so angry that some vets treat cats as second class citizens and that one who admits he detests cats should leave the profession right now.

  5. I can never ever take my 5 year old tomcat “Matata” to the vet without tranquilising him as he is vicious akin to a wild big cat.As i mentioned on “P.O.C” he nearly died due to “Shampoo poisoning” and healed himself due to my personal feeding strategy. Just couldn’t think of taking him to the vet. I don’t blame the vet for being scared of cats as some cat patients since they can be vicious at times, especially when medically examined or treated.
    Will be missing “P.O.C” for a few weeks as i am departing on a solo tour of Indonesia and will be back home in September.Should definitely come home with pictures of “Indonesian Cats”.

    • Have a good trip Rudolph. I want some excellent Indonesian cat photos! Lots of them please 😉 Take care.

      I think you are right about vets and cats. Perhaps I have got a point myself that some vets are wary of cats which may lead to less good treatment.

  6. This subject is interesting. I was recently considering vet as a career option, but thought I would have to limit my practice to cats as I am not as comfortable with dogs. I wasn’t sure if that was an option as most vets treat both.

  7. Why on earth is he a Vet for then??? If he detests Cats he should change his profession. Or just do Dogs. I’ve never seen this in NZ. Most Vets here are happy with either Cats or Dogs.

  8. He should limit his practice to only dogs and never try to care for a cat. One wonders if he would do his best to save a cat if it was in danger. There are other vets who would be glad to care for the cats. I know I only want the best for my cats.

  9. I wonder why this Vet became a Vet in constant contact with cats. That’s puzzling. Was it because he had no experience with cats prior to starting his training and he had no idea of their behaviour, then he got a rude awakening as his lack of experience and understanding of them put him at a serious disadvantage? I would imagine that such a Vet would have no qualms about putting any cat down for whatever reason.

    • Yes, Harvey,.
      This vet or any other medical practitioner should have the sound judgement to walk away when they aren’t objective and can’t have the best interest of their patients foremost in their minds.
      It happens all the time in hospital settings.
      Do you think that an anti-abortion doctor in the Emergency Room would render the same sort of care to an abortion patient as he would a happily woman in labor?
      Trust me, never.

  10. Wow!

    First of all, I have to give credit to any vet that detests and fears an animal and speaks out.

    But, they have to have the good judgement not to care for those particular animals and refer them to another qualified vet.

    I have a particular interest in this subject because my Dreama, who went in for neutering, died on the table, and was revived but rendered blind as a result fell somewhat into this category. I remember picking her up, couldn’t stand, disoriented, scared, compromised in her breathing, and was told what happened in a matter of fact way. The head vet nurse, the vet’s wife, made the statement that Dr.??? had more experience with dogs than cats and that the rescue group I was associated with should choose another vet for felines.

    Why wasn’t this info told before this vet touched any cat? Why didn’t he have the good judgement to limit his practice to canines?

    • First of all, I have to give credit to any vet that detests and fears an animal and speaks out.

      Yes, you’re right but as you state it can cause problems at the vets. Your story is upsetting. I still wonder how many vets are uneasy with cats.

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