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Vet Prices Are Too High — 2 Comments

  1. Vets are garbage in 40 years of dealing with these creeps I can be honest is saying if you in your lifetime find one that puts an animal before money you are very lucky. it is time now to march against this high cost. They do not know what they want you to think that they know and bury their mistakes. Animals have no rights unless an owner has a large pocket purse and if you do not have 1000 dollars they show you the doodr and lets that animal suffer, it is a 96 percent mark up so it time to march and if you want to join this march call and leave your number at 718 426 1896

    • Yes, vets in some countries can be too commercial. A vet can’t be too commercially orientated because it will negatively affect the treatment he gives his patients. In the UK vets seem to be less commercial especially the independent vets (i.e. not part of a big chain). Thankfully my vet is very good. Excellent service and the prices are reasonable. I live in London, England by the way.

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