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Veterinarian and Assistant are Found Guilty of Animal Cruelty — 3 Comments

  1. Have these two lost their respective licenses and the alleged vet practice closed down? I certainly hope so.

    I would also agree about declawing animals – that should be banned altogether. The ban declaw movement is gathering steam in the USA, I’m very thankful to say. A number of shelters and vet practices outright refuse to perform the surgery (except in an emergency, like cancer, if no alternative exists). From personal experience, my own vet refuses and rather than admonish his clients, he takes the time to educate them as to what it is. Our shelter also has a color one-page fact sheet that outlines (very graphically) what declaw entails and we put it in every adoption folder we give out. Adopters also sign an Adoption Agreement and one of the stipulations is no declaw, with a caveat that we reserve the right to confiscate the cat (or dog) should we find out they’ve done it anyway.

    As for vet schools, I wholeheartedly agree that, just like when applying for law enforcement or any sensitive job, students should be mandated to undergo stringent psychological testing and background checks. Only this way will the sociopaths have a better chance of being discovered.

  2. I agree that veterinary schools need to do a better job screening. Kristen Lindsey had a blog posting how she liked to kill things. Thank you for bringing this up.

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